LEA Primary School, Chugwi

Learning for all means that, all students not just the most privileged or gifted, acquire the knowledge and skills they need. To further curb the major challenge of poor accessibility of educational opportunity that exists for disadvantaged population at all levels of education, Follow The Money research team discovered that the Plateau State Universal Basic Education Board in its tender advertisement has earmarked for the construction and rehabilitation of school projects in Jos South LGA, Plateau State. 

Follow The Money has initiated the #UpgradeKvom Mega campaign to thoroughly monitor and provide oversight over 15 school projects in Jos South. In order to ensure transparency, citizen participation and timely implementation of the project, We employ the collaboration of all stakeholders, the good people of Jos South and Jos Universal Basic Education Board  in this campaign. To join this campaign, log on to www.ifollowthemoney.org

The 15 sub campaigns are:

  1. #ConstructBauna – Tracking the Construction of Three Classrooms/Office/Store in LEA Rafin Bauna, Jos South LGA.
  2. #EducateGidan – Tracking the Construction of Three Classrooms/Office/Store in LEA Sabon Gidan Kanar, Jos South LGA. 
  3. #ConstructChugwi – Tracking the Construction of Three Classrooms/Office/Store in LEA Chugwi Vwang, Jos South LGA. 
  4. #RenovateKanadap – Tracking the Renovation of Four Classrooms/Offices/Store (Bricks) in GJSS Kanadap, Jos South.
  5. #RenovateTuru – Tracking the Renovation of Three Classrooms in LEA Rochungun Turu Vwang, Jos South LGA.
  6. #UpgradeLatyi – Tracking the Renovation of Three Classrooms in LEA Latyi -Du, Jos South LGA.
  7. #CompleteHwolshe – Tracking the Completion of Fencing (8s0m) in Obasanjo Model School, Hwolshe, Jos South LGA.
  8. #RenovateAdultCentre – Tracking the Renovation of Five Classrooms/Four Bathrooms/Four Toilets in Adult and Non Formal Education Centre, Jos South LGA.
  9. #EducateSt.George – Tracking the Renovation of Five Classrooms/Two Offices/Store in St. Georges Primary School Rayfield, Jos South LGA.
  10. #ConstructK/Vom – Tracking the Renovation of Four Classrooms/Offices/Store (Mud) in St. Joseph School K/Vom, Jos South LGA.
  11. #RenovateHwolshe – Tracking the Renovation of Nursery Model School in Obasanjo Model School Hwolshe CPD B, Jos South LGA.
  12. #EducateRayfield – Tracking the Renovation of Six Classrooms/Office in Police Staff School Rayfield/Old Airport Road, Jos South LGA.
  13. #RenovateBadin – Tracking the Renovation of Three Classrooms in LEA Zot Badin, Jos South LGA.
  14. #CompleteRantya – Tracking the Completion of Two Classrooms in GJSS Rantya, Jos South LGA.
  15. #UpgradeNYSC – Tracking the Model School Renovation of Six Toilets in LEA NYSC, Jos South LGA.

Preliminary Visit To Ascertain Project Status

17/05/2019: Plateau FTM team embarked on a preliminary Visit across project sites to monitor project implementation and on board beneficiary communities on the tracking activities of Follow The Money, in Vom town, Plateau state, central Nigeria. It was gathered that no member of staff was aware of any plans to construct 3 classrooms, offices and stores as stated in the SUBEB tender. However, the Assistant Headmistress confirmed that they were paid a visit from the Local government and informed on plans to renovate the existing classrooms but since then nothing has been done and they have not seen anyone else.

Find Full Report  Here

Follow The Money Team Discusses #UpgradeKvom Mega Campaign On Jay Fm

26/06/2019: Follow The Money Plateau team, represented by Preston Obadan went on Jayfm, to discuss the #UpgradeKvom Mega campaign, which aimed at monitoring and providing oversight to over 15 school projects in Jos South. In pursuit of transparency and accountability, we call on citizens and all relevant stakeholders to join this campaign.

Find audio clip Here

Follow The Money Team Embarked on Community Outreaches to Various Project Sites

FTM Team and community Members During the Community Outreach

07/06/2019: Follow The Money team embarked on a community outreach across project sites to ascertain the current status of the project. Major outcome shows that majority of the projects are yet to start and few are ongoing. 

Find full report here

SUBEB Provides List Of Project and Project Amounts   

13/08/2019: PlateauSUBEB demonstrated a level of collaboration with Follow The Money as they provided a list of project and project amounts for the ongoing mega campaign in Jos South. 

Find list of project and project amounts here

SUBEB Chairman Joins FTM Jos Team For A Radio Program

FTM Chapter lead and SUBEB Chairman at JayFM 101.9 Jos

14/08/2019: The SUBEB Chairman Prof. Matthew Nshi Sule joined the FTM Jos to discuss SUBEB spending in Jos South Local Government. During the discussion the project location and amount were confirmed by the SUBEB chairman. He also elaborated on the construction of 5 classrooms for the purpose of enhancing adult and informal education and the procurement of 55,000 plastic chairs for every new classroom. He urged the youth to take ownership of each project and he also provided more details on man-power boosting, infrastructures and instructional materials. The FTM Jos chapter lead requested for the platforms that citizens can use to engage with various MDA’s. In response to this, the SUBEB Chairman made mention of the Department of social mobilization and nomadic education to sensitize people on the work SUBEB does. 

Listen For More Details  here 

Jos FTM Team Embarked On A Mega Town Hall Meeting

Cross-section of Community Members During The Town Hall

15/8/2019: Follow the money organised a mega town hall meeting at Government Junior Secondary School Rantya, Jos South LGA on UBEC 2017 budget implementation. This meeting brought together delegates from five beneficiary communities as well as a representative from SUBEB with the sole aim of  fostering and creating the necessary platform to stimulate informed dialogue between these communities and SUBEB on the status of projects and implementation discrepancies across all project sites. 

Series of Implementation Challenges Highlighted Across Project Sites

Community Member Highlighting Her Concerns On Project Implementation

15/8/2019: During the mega town hall meeting, some participants highlighted diverse challenges as regards project implementation in their communities. Some of the challenges includes: 

– SUBEB’s delay in the roofing of four blocks of classroom in GJSS Kanadap. 

– Classrooms were torn down and building equipment provided by PTA were carted away by SUBEB.

– Lack of roofs in various classes with a capacity of 300 students in each classroom. 

Find full report  Here

Project Monitoring Report Sent To SUBEB

Follow the money sent a letter to SUBEB highlighting their engagements and responsiveness in providing financial data on the projects and in addressing some of the issues identified in the projects. Also, some persistent issues identified during the course of the school projects’ implementation were elaborated with an intention of having SUBEB address it. Find Here