Zamadede is a village in rural Pil-Gani district of Langtang North LGA in Plateau State with a total number of 7,300 populace and an area of 180 km(square). It is cut out of the rest towns by inaccessible roads and high current waters. The LGED primary school presently carters for both primary and secondary Education of over 600 pupils in one delipidated block or 2 classrooms, a newly renovated block of 2 extra classrooms and a zinc shed. Lack of classroom makes it cumbersome to manage the students and their learning.

In view of the aforementioned, Follow The Money has activated #ConstructZamadede campaign to track the implementation of the construction project. We hereby call on all stakeholders especially UBEC to put the public interest first. The general public can join this call on

FTM team embarks on a Community Outreach to Zamdede

19/09/2018: The FTM team embarked on a community outreach at Zamdede primary school, during the outreach the school head teacher, Mr. Ngok stated the lack and incapacitation of this facility have led to, low enrolment in the primary school and substandard delivery of educational content, find the report.

Issues surrounding the project currently being implemented

19/09/2018: According to the headteacher and community members, they reiterated that they had not heard about the project nor received any visitation over the project from UBEC

Project Expectation from the community

19/09/2018: Mr. Timbuk speaking for the community youths said: “Our Hope is that this project will be implemented within a short time, to drive educational development within our community.”