The availability of basic educational infrastructure aids the realization of the Sustainable Development Goal 4 and further smoothens the easy accessibility of qualitative and quantitative education by the citizenry of any nation. Educational infrastructure is key to any viable and functional system as no nation develops more than the standard of education available to it. To ensure that even the poorest and hardest to reach communities and schools are provided with the necessary educational infrastructures, Follow The Money team during its data-mining process uncovered that the Ondo State Universal Basic Education tendered for the Construction, Renovation, Supply of educational materials including chairs, tables, desks for both students and teachers across the 18 Local Governments of the State. This was found on an e-tender advertisement.

Follow The Money Team has initiated this campaign to provide technical oversight across communities in Owo LGA, Ondo State where over 60 school projects would be implemented (find the list here). Through this campaign, we call on all concerned stakeholders especially the Ondo State Universal Basic Education Board to implement the open government system by ensuring accountability and transparency in the usage of government funds that have been released for these projects. We implore the general public especially the good people of Ondo State, to exercise their human rights and get on board with us in following the money to ensure that these projects are duly implemented through joining us on

FOI Request Sent to Ondo SUBEB Chairman

17/07/2018: FTM Team sent a Freedom of Information request to the Ondo State SUBEB Chairman, requesting for project implementation data covering project amounts, implementation timelines, and names of respective contractors on the various basic educational projects tendered in the state. Find here. The letter has not been replied.

FTM goes on preliminary project monitoring exercise at Owo In Ondo State

24/8/2018: The team commenced an ongoing field visit across all the project sites in 10 communities. Feedback from the monitoring exercise range from projects being ongoing abandoned and completed, amidst some implementation deficiencies, find the project implementation findings matrix here.

FTM Trains Community Champions who would track the school projects across Owo

1/09/2018: CODE as part of kick-starting the mega campaign started by training a set of young people and potential FTM champions in Ondo State on budget tracking, social accountability, and active citizenry. This will we hope will form part of the human resource needed for the massive tracking of projects across the school sites. Key outcomes from the training include the identification of community champions and monitoring agents, who were also exposed to the project tracking report template etc. Read more.

FTM Trains Ondo SUBEB Officials in a bid to incentivize data access

9/11/2018: Having not heard from Ondo SUBEB on the data sought after on the projects being tracked, the devised another strategy in a bid to incentivize the data access. As part of this, the team provided a training to Ondo SUBEB officials on data management and basics of M&E. This was to forge a working partnership with the Board on project implementation data access while exploring collaboration for shared impacts and grassroots development. The 1-day training had in participation over 30 participants. The post-training evaluation suggested the participants’ skills were sharpened in diverse data processes and that they would find the training useful in their work. At the same time, as part of the training outcomes, Ondo SUBEB has committed to sharing relevant data we sought to us. Read more.

Ondo SUBEB provides data on projects sought after but did not include project amounts

27/11/2018: After the capacity building for Ondo SUBEB which strengthened our relations with them, they provided us with a fragment of the data sought on the projects we are tracking. However, the data they provided fell deeply short of our expectations as it only included the contractor names. Find the data they provided here.