Follow The Money during its data mining session found out that the Oyo State Ministry of Health advertised on a tender (find here) over the Renovation of a comprehensive health centre at Ogbooro, Saki East LGA of Oyo State. The community has a population of about 5000 residents which is about 30 minutes drive from Saki who depend on the health centre. Our findings about the state of the centre deduced that it was constructed (to completion) by the Oyo state government in partnership with the Africa Development Bank, and commissioned on 29 May, 2008. It is a two-seperate bungalow building with a doctor’s lodge built separately.

However, after the commissioning, the facility has been abandoned for over ten (10) years while in the process denying the community access to good health care facility.  Many of the facilities have been overtaken by weeds and animals. The facilities are seriously in need of renovation as they are in dilapidated state as a result of the long period of abandonment.

Therefore we have activated the #RenovateOgbooro campaign to track the implementation of this project. Through this campaign, we call on all concerned stakeholders especially the Oyo state Ministry of Health to implement the open government system and be accountable and transparent in the usage of the funds that have been released for this project. We implore the public to get on board with us in following this money to ensure that the project is duly implemented through joining us on


FTM Team Embarks On A Community Outreach

Side view of the Ogbooro PHC

16/08/2018: The team conducted a community outreach to fully ascertain the status of the PHC and interact with the community stakeholders. It was found that implementation of the renovation of Ogbooro PHC by Oyo state Ministry of health has not started. It was also gathered that due to the abandonment and lack of maintenance of the Ogboro Phc by Oyo state government, a smaller one was built  and managed by the Saki East Local Government. The PHC it’s very small and cannot attend to half of the health needs of the community. It is also grossly understaffed with no trained medical doctor. However, on the assumption of office, the new Ifeloju LCDA chairman moved to save the building from total collapse by putting it to temporary use. Some of the staff (two auxiliary nurses) of the MDGs clinic were posted to the primary health care centre. There is still a lot of efforts needed to get the hospital to work at full capacity.

There are no drugs, staff, adequate equipment in the facility. There are also structural failure of the facility. Find the report here

The Government has abandoned Ogbooro PHC said the acting community leader

Acting Community Leader, Prince Boladale Adesoji during our community outreach

16/08/2018: A cross-section of the community people spoken to highlighted the importance of the health care facility to their community and begged the government to come to their aid to get the hospital to full working capacity. Speaking on behalf of the community, the acting community leader (Adele Oba of Ogbooro), Prince Boladale Adesoji lamented the state of the hospital. In his words, “After the construction of this hospital, the government has abandoned it. No staffs and no drugs. We have written severally to the state government requesting for health workers and doctors, till now nothing has been done about it.”

As youths, we occasionally go to the Health Centre to clear the weeds so that the structure does not collapse said the youth leader

16/08/2018: Speaking on behalf of the youth group in the community, the youth leader Mr Adebisi Kazeem Adebola said, “we really appreciate the government for their effort in building this health centre. However, after the commissioning of this place it has been abandoned and not well equipped. The current LCDA government have tried their best in making sure that this place come to life but there is little they can do going by their financial strength.” He went further, “as youths, we occasionally go to the hospital to clear the weeds to prevent the structures from collapsing. We plead with the government to come to our aid since health is wealth. We also plead with the federal government to help is engage the unemployed youths in this community.”

There are many pregnant women in the community who would have benefited from the PHC if it was working

Female ward of Ogbooro PHC

16/08/2018:  A community woman who spoke on behalf of the women group in the community (she pleaded anonymity) said, “They just abandoned this place all this while, no workers here, we have people in our community who studied health related courses, if the hospital was working so many of them would have been employed by now. We want the government to help us. There are many pregnant women in the community who would have benefited from the health care centre if it was working “. Another member of the community who spoke on the condition of anonymity said, “We need health workers here, also we need drugs. The government should also help renovate this hospital to meet the health needs of the people.”