The Primary health care is the cornerstone of the Nigeria health system. Follow The Money team during its data mining found out that the Ministry of Health Kano State will be upgrading and rehabilitating a comprehensive Health Centre at Tsanyawa in Kano State. This was found on an e-tender advertisement. Tsanyawa is a community of 23,475 inhabitants.

The Follow The Money team has activated #UpgradeTswanyawa campaign to monitor and track the implementation of this project. We are calling on all concerned stakeholders especially the Kano state Ministry of Health to provide all necessary information that will aid the tracking and subsequent implementation of this project. To join in this campaign, please log on to

FOI Request Sent To Kano State Ministry of Health

13/07/2018: The Follow The Money team went to Kano State Ministry of health to submit an FOI letter to permanent Secretary Kano State. The Ministry acknowledged and forwarded the letter to The Executive Secretary Kano State Primary Health Care Management Board, as we await their response. Find the request here.

Current State of the Clinic

06/08/2018: A preliminary visit to the clinic showed that the community has a population of 23,475 inhabitants. The facility was commissioned in the year 1988 and has 3 registered midwives, 15 volunteer community health extension workers (CHEWS) and 7 sub-staffs. Since then, the only form of renovation done was a painting of 2 blocks in 2015. In addition, most of the structures are old and not worth renovating. The facility lacks clean water as the solar-powered borehole hasn’t been functional since 2016. The community contributed funds and renovated the delivery room of the clinic. Furthermore, the facility lacks clean water as the solar-powered borehole hasn’t been functional since 2016.

                                            A leaking Roof

The non-functional borehole serves as the only source of water to the facility

Community Aware of the Project

06/08/2018: Malam Garba and the community chief informed the Follow The Money team that they are aware of the clinic renovation project by the Ministry of Health.

Our maternity Lacks Everything from Midwives to consumables – Midwife

                Nurses appealing to #UpgradeTsanyawa

27/08/2018: FTM team went ahead and carried off a community outreach to interact with the community regarding the implementation of the project. Speaking with the midwife, she stated that the maternity lacks everything from midwives to consumables. In her words “ We are only three (midwives) most times we have to refer patients to Kankia (In Katsina State) general hospital for delivery”

We Expect This Project Will Reduce Maternal and Infant Mortality Rate To The Barest Minimum

27/08/2018: In an interview with the Medical Officer, he narrated that one of the major problems encountered in the facility was lack of staff. He stated that there were only 3 trained midwives, nine staff are casual while the rest six are volunteers. In his words “we expect that this project will reduce maternal and infant mortality rate to the barest minimum once implemented.”

Community Chief Mandates Tsanyawa Development Association (a Local CBO) to visit the Ministry of Health

FTM Team with Sarki Dayyabu Aliyu, Tsanyawa Community Chief

27/08/2018: The HOD of Tsanyawa PHC together with the community chief said they have attended several meetings on the implementation of the project at Zonal PHC office in Bichi. The State Ministry of health has assured them that implementation will start as early as the last quarter of 2018. Due to lack of response from the Ministry, the community Chief has mandated Tsanyawa Development Association (a Local CBO) to visit Ministry of health on a fact-finding mission and appeal to the ministry to fast-track the implementation of the project.

Implementation Starts at Tsanyawa PHC

16/11/2018: Following our intense media campaign on the #UpgradeTsanyawa, the FTM team got a call from Abubakar Tijjani, Chairman of Tsanyawa Youth Development Association that PHC project implementation had started. According to him, the contractor visited the site with his workers.