Primary Health Care (PHC) is a grass-roots management approach to providing health care services to communities. Since the global target of Health for All was declared in 1978, primary health care (PHC) has been adopted and accepted universally to be the approach to achieving this lofty goal. The Follow the money team, during its data mining session found out that the Ministry of Health Borno State will be constructing a new PHC at Makera, in Maiduguri Metropolis. This was found on an e-tender advertisement. Thereby urgently in need of a PHC to serve the community.

Makera community is a community located in Maiduguri metropolitan council with almost 1,800 inhabitants within the community. it’s one of the communities in the central District of Maiduguri with the highest number of populace. A visit to the community highlights that the community accesses health care services from neighbouring communities of Hausari, Shehuri, and Bulabulin primary Healthcare centres respectively, despite the fact that the community is as old as Maiduguri settlement itself.

The Follow The Money team is tracking the implementation of the project to ensure transparency and accountability, for that we have initiated the #ConstructMakera campaign to track the implementation of the project in Maiduguri Metropolis. Through this campaign, we call on all concerned stakeholders especially the Borno State Ministry of Health to uphold public interest through being accountable and transparent in the usage of the funds already released for this project. We implore the public to get on board with us in following this money to ensure that projects appropriated at the PHC will be completed efficiently through joining us on

FTM Team Embarks On A Community Outreach

28/08/2018: The Follow the Money team during the outreach observed that the construction had reached almost 40% completion. The first floor of the health facility is still in progress with contractors on site. Find the report here.

Community aware of the project

28/08/2018: The community members are aware of the project as they took lead in advocacy before the commencement of the project. The community engaged in an advocacy by mapping out stakeholders to discuss the importance of having healthcare facility in the area.

 No Health Facility prior to implementation

28/08/2018: The communities were faced with challenges in terms of accessing health facility with no single one before the construction started. The community could only access health facility and emergency needs from neighboring and surrounding communities of Hausari, Shehuri, and Bulabuline respectively.

Community expectation from the project implementation

28/08/2018: Based on the interview conducted, it’s expected that after the completion of the project citizens of Makera community can have an affordable and efficient healthcare service delivery, which will drastically reduce maternal mortality. It will also provide women with antenatal and post-natal care. More importantly, the health condition of women and children will be improved upon. From the way the project is been implemented in time and display of professionalism, the project is expected to be completed within the short time frame.

Government should Intensify Effort Towards Seeing The Completion of the Project – Youth Leader.

28/08/2018: In an interview with one of the youth leaders of the community Sadiq Abatcha, he calls on the government to intensify effort toward seeing the completion of the project and as well provide them with personnel that would be able to render 24 hours services in the hospital.

Stakeholders Present At The Town-Hall Meeting For #Construct Makera

Cross-Section of Participants At The Town-Hall Meeting

9/09/2018: Follow the Money Team convened a town-hall meeting on the ongoing #ConstructMakera campaign at the Traditional ruler’s palace with about 40 participants including a representative of the Ministry of Health, representative of the primary Healthcare Agency, community Head, Youths and Community elders.

Stakeholders Present At The Town-Hall Meeting For #Construct Makera

9/09/2018: The Community Head expressed satisfaction on the level of success recorded on the project and for the non-stoppage of work since the project commenced. However, he demanded the involvement of the community youths in the construction process and after completion of the project as they have many educated and skillful youths that can take care of the facility.

Government Should Construct Functional Drainage and Water Facility

Government Should Construct Functional Drainage and Water Facility

9/09/2018: A Community Elder pointed to the issue of refuse dump within the clinic side and called on the government to construct a functional drainage that can help in taking out the hospital waste and provide water facility that can be adequate and efficient for the clinic.

The Actual Cost Of The Project Yet To Be Known

Ongoing Construction Work

9/9/2018: The representative from the Ministry of Health did not disclose the actual amount earmarked for the project but stated that 30% of the funds have been released to the contractor (who was absent from the town hall meeting). Also in respect to the deadline of the project, he stated that it depends on the effectiveness of the ministry to release funds on time.

 Community Advised To Register With The State Primary Healthcare Development Agency

Representative of the NPHCDA

9/9/2018: The representative of the State Primary Healthcare Development Agency (SPHCDA) which will be the agency responsible to provide facilities and manpower to the clinic if completed commended the effort of all stakeholders and admonished the community members to be vigilante on what is happening in their communities for effective and efficient coordination of the project implementation. He also suggested to them to register with the SPHCDA with immediate effect to enable them take ownership of the project in the community.

Find Full Report Here.

 FTM Embarks on A Follow Up Outreach To Makera Community

Project Yet To Be completed

14/05/2019: Follow The Money Team, embarked on a follow up community outreach in Makera, Maiduguri, Borno state. Summary of findings indicates that implementation of the project is slow but ongoing. We call on relevant implementing agencies to fast track this process and ensure that this project is completed and made available for public usage.

Find full report Here