Education is a fundamental human right. It is a right for girls, just as it is for boys. It is a right for disabled children, just as it is for everyone else and the responsibility for providing citizens with quality education rests with the national governments. In an effort to bring the poorest and hardest to reach children into the education system, Follow The Money team during its data-mining process found out that the Lagos State Universal Basic Education tendered for the construction of a block of 13 classrooms, H/T office, Asst H/T office, store and toilet with firefighting and fire alarm at the African Church Primary School, Erikorodu, Ikorodu.

We have initiated the #ConstructErikorodu campaign to track the implementation of a block of the 13 classrooms at African Church Primary School within the stipulated timeline. Through this campaign, we call on all concerned stakeholders especially the Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board to implement the open government system and be accountable and transparent in the usage of the funds that have been released for this project.

We implore the public to get on board with us in following this money to ensure that the project is duly implemented by joining us on