To achieve the provision of good source of water for all, in line the SDG 6, Follow The Money team during its data mining process selected as one of its campaigns through Information tendered by Gwale Local Government for its 2017 capital projects to renovate classes, water, and furniture at Warure Primary school, Gwale Local Government, Kano State.

Follow The Money team has initiated #RehabilitateWarure to effectively track and monitor the renovation of classes, water, and furniture at Warure Primary School, Gwale Local Government, Kano State. We call on all stakeholders especially the Gwale Local Government Council, the good people of Gwale LGA and the general public to join in this campaign by sharing all necessary information that will enable the smooth and efficient monitoring and consequently completion of the projects.

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Community Leaders Raise Concern on Non-Involvement and Inclusion in The Project Selection

Community leaders during the outreach at Warure primary School

07th February 2018: The community leaders complained that they were not aware of the project despite their membership in ward development committee and School Based Management Committee members. Inclusion of beneficiary communities in projects selection and implementation is one we have emphasised for so long drawing from the benefits this has on ownership and sustainability of  projects.

The School Lacks Functional Water Supply 

A dysfunctional hand pump (the only source of water) at Warure Primary School

07th February 2018: With its about 16,000 pupils, Warure Primary School lacks a functional water supply for her population. This has heightened the risk of disease outbreak as personal hygiene is strongly correlated with access to water. Having 16,000 pupils in a facility without access to water is a public health concern and constitutes a red alert signal.

Follow the Money Team Went for a Community Outreach

07th February 2018: A major outcome of the community outreach was that Follow The Money confirmed the implementation have started but at slow pace and have been finally stalled. This culminated to several engagements efforts with the media and relevant government agencies to resume the implementation and consequently the completion of the projects.

Find the report here.

A Freedom of Information Request Letter Was Sent to Gwale LGA Council

25th January 2018: We wrote an FOI request to Gwale LG Council requesting for the exact project amount, bills of quantities, contractor details and the contract award documents.

Find the FOI here.