The Follow the Money data mining team found that the Cross River State Primary Health Care Development Agency (CRSPHCDA) will be constructing a Comprehensive Health Care Centre/Staff Quarters/Perimeter Fence and Procurement Of Medical Equipment in Uchu Yache, Yala LGA of Cross River State. The community is a bit far and about 2hours from Ogoja via Motorcycle (No cars ply the route because of the bad road and collapsing bridges) and 7 hours from the state capital. The population size is an estimate of 6000.

This project when completed will assist in ensuring that the health care system is more responsive to the community needs, increase and build human capacity, transform the community primary health care system and provide necessary medical equipment for the people of Yala.

We have initiated #ErectUchuYache campaign to track the health project. We call on the public and all stakeholders especially the Cross River SPHCDA to get involved in this campaign and uphold the public interest through the accountable and transparent management of the fund that have/would be released for the project so that the people of Uche Yache, Yala will have access to consolidated and affordable healthcare facility.

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Project Implementation Ongoing 

4 November 2017: During our community outreach to UchuYache  PHC to ascertain the state of the health facility and investigate the implementation of the projects, we observed that while implementation had started, it’s at a slow pace and currently being stalled. The project was found to be at the plastering stage, it’s already roofed but no doors and windows are yet to be fixed. The community is still faced with the challenges of going to Ogoja or Benue state which is about 2 hours from the community in cases of emergency.

Find the community outreach report here.


Community Member Confirmed His Responsibility of Transporting the Patients 

Joseph Ajah- Member of the community

4 November 2017: Speaking with the motorcyclist who has been in charge of carrying the supervisors of the health centre, he made mention that he cannot remember the time when the project started. When asked if he faces any challenges as regards getting healthcare, he reiterated that he and everyone else goes to Ogoja or Benue state to get medical attention and this includes pregnant women in labour. He said “…we had a Nurse but she is late, so now, I carry women in labour to Ogoja or Benue State to give birth even in the midnight on my Motorcycle…I wish the Government can quickly finish the Health centre to help mitigate our suffering…”


Community Building Their Health Center Due to Dilapidated Government PHC

4 November 2017:  A visit to the Old Health Center which is dilapidated with a part of the roof collapsed forward and from our enquiries, has been locked for a while. Speaking to the caretaker of the Health Center; Mike Agribe, he said that since the Health Center has been in this bad state, they have not been getting Student Nurses from ‘Health Tech’. In his words “…the Community decided to do something, we start to build our own Center so that we cannot suffer again…”  He pointed to an uncompleted building beside the old centre and said: “it is our people building this one…we will finish it very soon and bring beds and Doctor.”


Youth Leader Optimistic About the Likely Impacts of the Government PHC

4 November 2017: The Youth leader; Raphael Oko who also doubles as the Chief’s interpreter, when asked how he feels about the Government Healthcare Project, he said he is very optimistic that the project will alleviate the prevailing healthcare challenges if completed at least before Christmas as the pregnant women in labor have to ride on bikes to go to Benue for antenatal and delivery. He reiterated “Sometimes, the women will be in labour and wait until morning if no bikes are available…”


Community Member Claimed to Have Gave Birth at Home Twice 

4 November 2017: Mrs Beatrice Ogar spoke representing the women in the Palace; said that she gave birth to 2 Children at home because there was no Doctor available. She alleged that they face grave difficulties while pregnant and especially while in labour. She urges the Government to finish up the centre as fast as possible.