The #FollowTheMoney (FTM) Team examined Gombe State  Ministry of Health’s Appropriation and found out that NGN 9.8 million ($31,155) was budgeted for the renovation  of the Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC) at Jessu, Yamaldu/Deba Local Government Area with the implementation agency being the Gombe State Primary Health Care Development Agency.

Our preliminary visit to the community showed that the community has a population of about 2000 who use the primary centre. The road leading to the PHC is totally bad, there are no beds, medical equipment, vaccines and equipped wards.

In addition, the health centre is in total shamble as the building is dilapidated.

Primary health centre Jessu


We have initiated the #RenovateJessu campaign to track the implementation of the N9.8 Million. Through this campaign, we call on all concerned public and private agencies, especially the SPHCDA to uphold the public interest through the accountable and transparent management of the funds that have been released to construct the PHC. We invite the public to get involved in the Campaign today. Help us follow the money to ensure that the PHC is built for the local community members in order to provide adequate health care services to them.

Permanent Secretary Claimed the Contracting Process is Being Finalised

12 October 2017: The report of #RenovateJessu town hall meeting which was earlier held was sent across to the relevant stakeholders who did not attend the meeting. The Office of the SDG’s who are the implementing agency asked to meet with the community members to hear their demands as concerns the project.

Unfortunately, representatives of the community met the absence of the Director on the scheduled date of the meeting. Meeting with the Permanent Secretary, Dr I M Baba, he told them that the office is aware of the meeting, but the Commissioner and Director had an emergency meeting in Abuja which they left for. He assured them that their request on renovating the PHC will be met, as they are working in finalising the contracting process of the project. They were asked to come back next week to finally meet with the Director.

No Government Agencies At The Townhall Meeting Despite Assurance From Them

Participants at the Jessu twonhall meeting

19 September 2017: In preparation for the town hall meeting, stakeholders mapping was conducted to ensure that all important agencies or ministries relevant to the campaign were not missed out. This was followed up by sending out an invitation to them to attend the town hall meeting. We got confirmation from some of them such as the Commissioner of Finance and Health, Office of the SDGs, the Local Government Chairman and Director of health from the ministry, who all assured us of their presence at the meeting. To our utmost dismay, none of them attended. The commissioner of Health was the only stakeholder who deemed it fit to call and let us know that he won’t be available.


Community Head Affirms That The Community Leader Will Follow Up on Implementation of Projects

Jessu Village Head

19 September 2017: Mr. Jackon Durodi, the village head during the Town hall meeting expressed his gratitude to the team. He stated that since the issue of the PHC has been raised and the appropriate authority is now aware that the community is in the know of the project, he believes that the project will be a reality. He further highlighted that all the community leaders will ensure that they follow up on the project.


Community Members Full of Hope Knowing FTM is Following Up on The Project

Cross section of women during the townhall meeting

19 September 2017: A town hall meeting was held to further discuss the way forward on the implementation of the NGN 9.8 million earmarked for the renovation of Jessu PHC. The community members were elated as the meeting brought hope to them in knowing that action is been taken to ensure the community gets a functional and equipped PHC. During the session, Mrs. Biyana, a community member was interested in knowing when the implementation will begin.


Women Leader Claimed Deplorable State of PHCs Hazardous to Pregnant Community Members

14 August 2017: Speaking with Mrs. Grace Inar Cham who is the women leader of the community, she highlighted that due to lack of a functional  PHC in the community, a pregnant woman is at risk of losing her life. She pleaded with the government to renovate the facility and post nurses and midwives who will help manage the facility.

Click here for full outreach report.


Community Members Surprised of Government Appropriation of NGN9.8m

14 August 2017: The community stakeholders presented at the outreach were totally surprised to learn that there was an appropriation of NGN9.8m for the renovation of the PHC.  In the words of the youth leader, Mr. Amos John, “we have a lot of problems in this clinic, we need this to be implemented”. 


Community Head Laments On The Deplorable State of PHCs


14 August 2017: In an interview with the village head, Mr. Jackon Durodi he stated that the lack of functional primary health care affects both children and women of the community. He added that all the building have cracks everywhere the roof is dropping water all the roof has been blown away by the wind.


Nurses Use Torchlight For Delivery At Nights

14 August 2017: During a community outreach at Jessu PHC over the campaign, we observed that the implementation of the proposed renovation has not started. According to the community, no government official nor contractor has visited the community for the renovation of the PHC. There are no beds, medical equipment, vaccines and equipped wards. In addition, the health centre lacks electricity which results to nurses using torchlight in the labor room at night.