The #FollowTheMoney (FTM) Team during its data mining session found out that the European Union Cooperation is funding the rehabilitation and construction of water and sanitation facilities in Kano State at an estimate of NGN 3 billion ($9,537,450) with the implementing agencies being the Federal Ministry of Budget and National Planning, Federal Ministry of Water Resources, as well as the Kano State Ministry of Water Resources. This is through its 10th European Development Fund Programme and under the Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Reform Programme Phase II.

The beneficiary communities include Rikadawa in Madobi LGA (see image) with a population of 11,000. Such intervention is quite timely owing that several rural communities in the state including Rikadawa have water and sanitation challenges.

We have initiated the #WaterRikadawa Campaign advocating for the provision of water borehole to the community while using the campaign as a point of contact in tracking the implementation of the rehabilitation and construction of water and sanitation facilities across concerned rural communities in Kano State. We invite the public to get involved in the campaign today. Help us in this campaign so that the rural community members would have access to clean water. Join us through


Follow the Money Actions Lead to Starting of The Water Project

A site of the water project construction

A major outcome of the town hall meeting was that Follow The Money learnt that the water project construction has commenced at Rikadawa following several of our chapter engagements with the media and relevant government personnel on the campaign. A visit was made to the water project site after the town hall meeting.

SHAME: Ministry of Water Resources Delegation Failed to Show up For the Town Hall Meeting

27 September 2017: Despite the heavy turnout of other stakeholders and beneficiaries during the town hall meeting at Rikadawa, the expected delegation from the Ministry of Water Resources failed to show up. This is against their earlier consent and agreement to be present at the town hall meeting. They missed an ample opportunity for interaction and knowledge sharing on the felt needs of the people who are supposed to be primary beneficiaries of government policies or interventions. The participants agreed that government officials should be accountable, responsible and responsive to their aspirations and interests especially on matters of appropriations or allocations from international donors and from government quarters.

Find the report here.

Community Claimed Lack of Water Leaves Them in Economic Disaster 

30 August 2017: The FTM team was in Rikadawa for a community outreach program and to confirm whether the implementation of the water borehole had started, it was observed that the shortage of water affects the community negatively and directly on socio-economic activities of the town. According to the  Women Leader of the community,  Hajiya BIU Sanda, “During dry season our livestock used to grow lean and some die due to the lack of pasture and water.”

Find the full report here.

Community Facing Hardship in Getting Water

30 August 2017: During the outreach, it was learned that the whole population of 11,000 have only 6 functional hand pumps. As a result, during the dry season, some residents have to use wheelbarrows or motorcycles to get water from neighboring villages.


Water Project Construction Not Yet Started

One of the sites for the new water sources

30 August 2017: According to the community, the last time EU officials were in the community was in January 2017. Since then the new water sources have not been constructed despite that three sites to build new boreholes have been marked.

Ministry of Budget and National Planning Confirmed Contracting Process is Ongoing

10 July 2017:  The Ministry of Budget and National Planning confirmed that contracting and tender evaluation on the rehabilitation and construction of the water projects are still ongoing.

Kano State WSSSRP Department Provides FTM With The List of Beneficiary Communities

6 July 2017: Following our FOI request dated 6 June 2017, the Kano State WSSSRP department under the Ministry of Water Resources and Rural Development provided us with the list of beneficiary communities in the state. Find here.