Over the past 53 years, the government of Adamawa has been able to renovate these schools only once. What does that tell us? Our advocacy for a conducive learning environment for the Leaders of Tomorrow” ïn the state seems to have gotten to their ears. This is going to be history.

The feelers we have gotten from our recently held town hall meeting from Mal. Mohammed Hassan Toungo – The State Universal Basic Education Board Chairman is that the government will swing into action. A tactful statement that will ease their embarrassment if carefully, they get their acts together and do the needful. Meanwhile, we do not only need you to swing into action, the action must be just and fast as we offer to ensure that every dime that goes into this renovation and reconstruction is monitored and closely monitored.

As a citizen and as a supposedly educated citizens, do we need to always remind government of what they supposed to be doing, or is it that they forgot their priorities on assumption of office? Since this is the new trend in the Nigerian State management phase, we think it would be cool if as a citizens we all wake up from slumber and start being proactive by constantly reminding the so called leaders that it is time to work.