Early last month, according to verified sources, Thirty-six states and the Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria are yet to access the N46.2 billion Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) matching grants for 2017 because of their inability to show evidence of proper utilisation of the grants disbursed to them earlier.
According to the latest West African Examination Council ranking, Kogi State has not been included in this ranking due to the poor performance of the state in the examination, this is worrisome as a state that has a young governor at the helm of affairs is seen lacking educational benefits in different fronts. This would have been an avenue to put some educational infrastructure in the place but alas, the state is yet to act in this regards. 
Also, many of our listeners on Follow the Money Radio confirmed to us that the higher institutions in the state have been on strike for quite sometimes now and we are asked to appeal to the government of the state to come to their aid. 
Can we say age has nothing to do with good governance or is it safe to say that our leaders do not feel the pains of the multitudes who cannot access good and affordable education due to their negligence of that sector?