In the last quarter of 2016, the Follow The Money Team kick-started the monitoring and tracking the World Bank $1.5 Million grant to the 36 States and FCT each, for the improvement of Primary Health Centres (PHCs). Our pilot states were in Enugu, Kano, Akwa-Ibom, Kogi, Osun, and Yobe.

We have initiated the #RevampOgungbade to track Ogun State’s $1.5 Million for the improvement of Ogungbade PHC in Ogungbade Community in  Ifo Local Government Area of  Ogun State. This is prompt as the community which has about 1500 population size does not have a functional PHC. The PHC is basically empty with no equipment; no electricity, no water supply, and emergency transport facilities. In addition, the PHC has weak antenatal care infrastructure coupled with deficiencies of skilled birth attendants.

We invite the public to join in the campaign today as we foray into Ogun State to #RevampOgungbade PHC in order to ensure that ordinary citizens get the services that are required in a qualitative manner at the PHC Level.

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Health Workers Call on Government to Help Renovate Health Center

25th April 2017:  Speaking with the Community health worker on duty, she lamented they have beckoned on the government to help renovate the facility as it serves more than 500 patients on average monthly. The primary health center has a monthly target of 105 patients, but end up serving about 500. At times we attend to more than 500 patients; the primary health center lacks adequate staff, no emergency transport because of its location and population which serves.


Chief Matron Claimed Using Personal Funding to Power Health Centre

25th April 2017; According to Mrs.Abiola Ogunbiyi the Chief Matron of the PHC who was also interviewed, she highlighted that the facility is quite spacious with leaking proofs, no drainage system, lack of electricity, water system, the stool passages are broken and busy environments.
We use our money to fetch water every day at least 300NGN to fill the drum, so that we can get water to use at the clinic, the beds in the wards are not good, the new ones there were given by a community member, there is no electricity, you see that generator there, it’s not even working properly, we use our money to repair it, basically everything here that is working, we use our money to fix it, we have to boil water to sterilize our equipment’s with stove”.


Pregnant Woman Laments They Paid for Everything

25th April 2017: A community outreach was conducted to ascertain the status of the PHC and also hear from the community members and beneficiaries on how they have been faring with the PHC. In an interview with a pregnant woman who is a core beneficiary of the PHC she quoted “We pay for everything here, and they said its government health center, is it not better we use private health centers”? Find report here