Information reaching the #FollowTheMoney (FTM) Team is that the European Union Cooperation is funding the rehabilitation and construction of water and sanitation facilities in Yobe State at an estimate of NGN 3 billion with the implementing agencies being the Federal Ministry of Budget and National Planning, Federal Ministry of Water Resources, as well as the Kano State Ministry of Water Resources. This is through its 10th European Development Fund Programme and under the Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Reform Programme Phase II.

Such intervention is quite timely owing that several rural communities in the state including Bodairi in Bursari LGA has no access to clean water which has led to the proliferation of water-borne diseases such as diarrhea. The community has a population of the 2,000 (est) with most of them being Kanuri and Fulani. The community is also 190 km away from Damaturu. The majority of the community are farmers,  and 70% of the community are children and youth under 20 years old.

We have initiated the #WaterBodairi Campaign advocating for the provision of water borehole to the community while using the campaign as a point of contact in tracking the implementation of the rehabilitation and construction of water and sanitation facilities across rural communities in Yobe State. We invite the public to get involved in the campaign today. Help us in this campaign so that the rural community members would have access to clean water.

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We do Not Know About the NGN 3 billion EU Fund For The Provision of Water and Sanitation Facilities in the State

13 April 2017: Our community cluster went to the community for a community outreach. It was observed that the community has gross water challenges. In addition, they were not aware of the EU fund for the rehabilitation and construction of water and sanitation facilities at the cost ₦ 3 billion in the state. Find the report here.

Our Well Water is Not Good for Human Consumption But we Drink it


13 April 2017: In an interview with the village head Bulama Kura, he commented, “Bodairi  is facing serious problems in accessing water for very long time, previously we have two sources of water in the community; hand pump water and water well, the water well is damaged water and cannot be used for human consumption the only source of water in the community is hand pump water which is frequently spoiled and each time it spoils, it take time before government repairs it.”

We Travel on Foot on 7 – 10 km to Access Water When the Water Pump is Damaged

13 April 2017: The youth leader of Bodairi, Goni Ali in an interview explained, “Each time our source of water damaged which is hand pump, we have to travel on foot 7km to 10km the neighboring village and our neighboring village where we have to pay for the water most of the time.”

The Government Does Not Want to Help us


13 April 2017: During the community outreach also, the village head commented that they have reported the situation to governmental authorities tirelessly until they realized that the government is not ready to help them.