An unpleasant truth continues to stare at all of us, that, women still earn less than men for doing the same job. This pay gap variation drives a lot of heated and worrisome inequality amongst the both sexes.

The position of the Federal Government could not have come at a better time. We are sure the women in the country, most especially the ones in areas of gross unease can now begin to draw succour from the statement of President Muhammadu Buhari through Professor Yemi Osinbajo at this year’s International Women’s day, “We must strive to use our laws, cultural and religious institutions as well as our resources to empower #women, give them opportunity, and protect their rights to a safe, healthy, stable life in our country.”

Now that President Muhammadu Buhari has committed N1.6B to empower women in the country. Recalling sad tales that often spring up from this sort of dedication, we ask you, are these women on the verge of getting these funds – evenly disbursed?