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Community Commended Follow the Money Effort Towards The Construction of the 2 Blocks of Classrooms 


5 May 2017: During the assessment, our cluster interviewed the headmaster, who commented, “We thank God for given us life health and opportunity to witness this construction project in our school. We are happy more than any other person. We are happy about how your organization, Connected Development [CODE] intervened on this fund, advocate and follow the money and here we are with the project construction. If not because of you, nobody in the community knows about this fund. Sincerely we thank you especially me as the head of this school, we really appreciate your service to humanity.”

The Headmaster Confirm the Standard of the Built Classrooms 


5 May 2017: In his word, the headmaster stated, “The quality and standard of the project is good. However, when they started digging the foundation, they wanted to stop the digging at 2 meters. I disagreed claiming I will not endorse the contract with that, and they were forced to dig 4 meters as stated in the bill of quantity.”

On-Site Visitation to Assess Construction at Tongo 2 Primary School 

5 May 2017: Our community cluster in Gombe went to Tongo 2 primary school to assess the construction of the 2 school blocks which has 4 classrooms. 70% of the project has been completed with the expected finishing date of 10/05/2017. Find the full report here.

Construction Work Started in Tongo


26th April 2017: Tongo 2 Primary school headmaster called our community champion to inform him that work started on the site. He claimed the workers was digging the foundation.


Community Held Townhall Meeting in Tongo

Federal Ministry of Education Claimed They are not Aware of the Project

In a follow-up to our freedom of information letter sent to the Federal Ministry of Education to request for more information in regards to the NGN20m budgeted for the construction of 2 Blocks of Classrooms for Tongo 2 Primary School,  the procurement unit of the ministry claimed they are not aware of the project.

Phone Calls to Follow the Money Community Reporter Over the Town hall Meeting

Follow the money community reporter was called after the townhall meeting

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Abubakar Badariya Threaten Follow the Money Community Reporter Before the Town Hall Meeting

Abubakar called before the town hall meeting to ask about it, in which the community reporter explained in detailed to him. He also asked him to be careful (Kayi Hankali) which is threat in Hausa. He further continued with his statement to ask who informed Follow the Money that the contract is awarded and why do we have to start telling people that the money was looted, our community reporter rebuffed his claim and told him that we are not telling people that any money was looted nor do we have such intention.

Town hall Meeting Opening Remarks by the Stakeholders

Funa Kaye Education Secretary Have Little to no Knowledge of the Project

“We have little knowledge or none so what is the real issue about 20million Naira for equipping and construction of 2 blocks of classrooms in Tongo 2 primary school in 2016 appropriation” says the Education Secretary

Honorable Yaya Bauchi Wrote the Minister of Budget and National Planning

The SA to Honorable Yaya Bauchi claimed that the Honorable sent a letter to the Minister of Budget and National Planning regarding the project in which the Minister responded and said 50% of the project was funded and they are also tracking the money.

The Coming of Follow The Money is Important to The Community

In an interview session shortly after the town hall meeting by the media reporter who covered the event, one of the villager that was interviewed said “the coming of Follow the Money is more important to them than sending Hon. Yaya Bauchi to the House of Assembly to represent them.”

Police Officer Call for Peace between the Organizer and the Participants

The representative of the Nigerian Police Force said “I’m in this community for a very long time, I know all your personal and political differences please put your personal and political differences aside. From my point of view and details explanation and evidence presented by the project Assistance this organization has no political motive toward this and this is developmental and a welcome idea.”

Madaki Jalo Threaten and Warned  Follow the Money Not to Come to the Community Again

The Madaki of the community warned and threaten Follow The Money Team to make the town hall meeting its first and the last as he claimed we gathered their elders for a baseless information. While responding to him, our community reporter explained to him that the said NGN20m is under the appropriation bill and asked him if the appropriation is a baseless information. He also made it clear that if need be, Follow the Money would still come for another event as his action could not stop us from empowering the people. He also claimed that the community belong to Hon Yaya Bauchi.

Special Adviser to Hon Yaya Bauchi Claims the Project is the Constituency Project of the Honorable

The SA to the Honorable  said the project is the constituency project of Hon. Yaya Bauchi and the contract is not yet awarded. He warned our community reporter to always make sure that project are contracted first before organizing a town-hall meeting which our community reporter rebuff his warning by explaining to him the importance of town-hall meeting as part of Follow The Money processes.

Local Government Education Authority Representatives is unaware of the N20m

In his word, the Education representative says “In the local government education authority, we do not have any information on the budgeted 20million naira for the equipping and construction of 2 blocks of classrooms in Tongo 2 primary school in 2016 appropriation.  Just of recent our team come from state for data collection of dilapidated and overpopulated schools, they visited Jalingo Primary School, Bajoga South and Bajoga 2 Primary School and other schools in which Tongo 2 Primary School was excluded”

Follow the Money Organized Townhall meetings in Tongo

Town Hall Meeting Event in Tongo

On 16th of February, Follow the Money organized a townhall meeting in Tongo which is aimed to discuss the state of the Tongo 2 Primary School and also an avenue to bring the government to the people to discuss the intervention and how the government would rehabilitate the school. In attendance is the representative of the FunaKaye Local government chairman, the district head representative, the APC chairman of the local government, group of APC supporters (Hon Yaya Bauchi supporters), the representative of Nigerian Police Force and some other major stakeholders from the community & Government.

We sent a Freedom of Information Letter to the Major stakeholders

9th of February; Shortly after the community engagement to Tongo by our community reporter, we are made to understand that the people are not aware of any intervention by the government. We sent an FOI to the Federal ministries and the major stakeholders in the state to ask for the contract details and the status of the N20m that was budgeted in the 2016 budget.

Community Ask Government to Intervene Immediately

Abubakar Muhammed Tongo has sent his plea to the government to come to their plight as hundreds of children are learning at risk, as infrastructures and teaching aid in Tongo 2 Primary school are already dilapidated “We have already donated token from our hands to repair the walls, as such we need government to intervene at this time” says Hon Ahmed Bello Tongo.

We do not know about the reconstruction” – Tongo Community Laments

Ali Liman Tango and Abdullahi B. Haruna were disappointed that they were not duly consulted before it was added to the budget. “As an active media follower this is the first time I will be hearing about the budgeted 20 million Naira for construction and equipping Tongo 2 primary school” says Buba Mallam Busum.

Findings of our Ground truthing to Tongo 2 Primary School

Community: Tongo
Local Government: Funa kaye
State: Gombe
Number of students: 700
Number of girls: 286
Number of boys: 414
Total number of classroom: 4
Number of functioning classroom: 2
Number of teachers: 11
Toilet: No toilet in the school
Water: No water supply in the school


Preliminary Data Mining of Tongo 2 Primary School

A preliminary investigation into the 2016 appropriation bill revealed to the data mining team of Follow the Money that; some funds in tune to N20m was earmarked for the building and furnishing of 2 classrooms in Tongo 2 Primary School in Tongo, Funakaye Local Government of Gombe State.

Further mining of the data on the school revealed that the school is having a total of 1391 students with 17 classrooms and 35 class teachers. The analysis on the school data revealed that there is a ratio of 81 students per classroom and 39 students per teacher as against the UNESCO recommendation of a maximum of 40 students per classroom.

In respect to the revelation of the investigation, the Follow The Money team will be tracking the N20m for the provision of 2 extra classrooms for the school.