The #FollowTheMoney (FTM) Team examined the 2016 Federal Ministry of Health’s Appropriation. It was revealed that N14.2 million ($46,740) was budgeted for the Construction of the Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC) at Lamba District, Wase Local Government Area with the implementation agency being the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA).

We have initiated the #ErectLamba campaign to track the implementation of the N14.2 Million. Through this campaign, we call on all concerned public and private agencies, especially the NPHCDA to uphold the public interest through accountable and transparent management of the funds that have been released to construct the PHC. We invite the public to get involved in the Campaign today. Help us follow the money to ensure that the PHC is built for the local community members in order to provide adequate health care services to them.

State Ministry Offer to Collaborate with Follow the Money to Follow #ErectLamba

In an agreement, the State Ministry of Health offered to collaborate with the community and Follow the Money to locate the whereabouts of these funds and ensure the project implementation. This will be done by  ascertaining the Commissioner of Health’s position on the whereabout of the funds and also contact NPHCDA and request for detailed information.

Follow the Money Team Hold a Townhall Meeting in Lamba

3rd of March 2017: A Town hall meeting was organized to provide a forum to address questions and the reason why a PHC facility hasn’t been constructed in the community as allocated in the 2016 health appropriation budget.  The Hakimi expressed that he and his district feels cheated and demanded explanations as to how this money was spent because it’s not evident in the district’

The State commissioner of health, represented by the Director Planning, Research & Statistic of the ministry highlighted that State Primary Health Care Development Board hasn’t received any funds for contracting the construction of a PHC in Lamba.

Freedom of Information Request sent to key stakeholders

8 February 2017: The updates prompted us to send an FOI request to the implementing agencies, NPHCDA and the State Primary Health Care Agency demanding answers over the delay in the implementation of the N14.2 million allocated for the PHC construction. Find the FOI request here

We may not be the police but we are in grassroot communities to support and that changes a lot

6 February 2017: “The Local Government has the poorest health support and its leaders aren’t of much help as time and over again we have reached out to the Chairman and Perm. Sec state ministry of health but have been stood up on the set date of such meetings. We are open to sharing data with Follow The Money,” Mr Musa Representative of WHO. 

We were not aware of this appropriation

6 February 2017: “Thank you Follow The Money for bringing such notice all the way to the grassroots. We were not aware of the N14 million made available to the state for the construction of the PHC here. We are ready to give all necessary support.” – Mr Abdulahi Adamu Community Spokesperson.

The last time I was visited by any Government representative pertaining healthcare was 3 years ago

6 February 2017:  “I gave out a piece of land for the construction of a 2 man quarters for the staff of the only referral healthcare centre in the district which is 20 minutes away from the closest village three years ago. The state of the present clinic is in shambles and “a sick community member may die from fear of the cracked walls falling over them while on admission”- HakimiAlhaji Idris Adamu.

No Site has been approved for the Implementation of the PHC

6 February 2017: An outreach was made on this day to the community at Lambaby the Follow The Money Team and we found out that there is no ongoing construction nor a site approved for constructing the PHC.