The Primary Health Care (PHC) at Lantenwa is supposed to take care of hundreds of children in the community and three surrounding communities, but this is not the case. Out of all the 22 PHCs in Tarmuwa Local Government Area, the one at Lantewa has no maternal health delivery service, no emergency transport, and no skilled birth attendant. The health care facility has no bed for patients and no power facility! The PHC at Lantewa is estimated to serve a population of 3,000, but as it were, no health care can be received from this PHC.

The government of Yobe has received 420 million from the Save One Million Lives project  to improve the health care system in Yobe State, and the PHC at Lantewa should be considered with immediate attention. With millions of dollars that will be spent on the PHCs in Yobe state, we call on transparency and accountability on the funds, in order to refurbish the health center at Lantewa immediately. Many times, these funds will not reach the community, as such, we enjoin everyone to join in the campaign to #RefurbishLantewa so hundreds of children could have access to health care in Tarmuwa LGA.


Response from Government

Aside from responses gotten from town hall meeting,  we got a response from Yobe State Government on our request via an email on December 4, stating clearly that no state has been able to access the $1.5 million, and that Lantewa, is already undergoing consideration from the state intervention on health. The email response can be found here, and also the Yobe state work plan for the implementation of the $1.5 million can be viewed here

Town Hall meeting was held in Latenwa by Our Community Champion

November 29, 2016: Town hall meeting was held at the community town hall in Lantewa, with 25 participants. These including members of the community, representatives from the State Primary Healthcare Management Board, Local Government Chairman as well as their representatives, youth and women representatives.

Yobe State Primary Health Care Management Board stated that they have eventually awarded the contract for the refurbishment of the Lantewa dispensary.  “I can confirm to you that the renovation of Lantewa has been approved by the state government and even the contract has been awarded very soon the project will commence,” affirmed Abubakar Ibrahim of the Planning Department, Primary Health Care Management Board. Full report here


Head of Dispensary laments the Government’s Nonresponsiveness to their Plight despite Reporting the Situation of the PHC

We also interviewed Musa Alhaji Umaru, who has been the head of the dispensary for 11yrs (since 2004). He affirmed that they have no medical equipment, and they receive 10-15 patients daily, and 70-105 weekly.  “I have reported the issue to the local government authority several times but no response, as such I will call on other tiers of government to please renovate and restructure the dispensary,  provide toilet facilities, provide water supplies, medical equipment and bed, and medicine,” he said.

Latenwa Community Head Decry the State of the Primary Heath Care Facility

We met with Alhaji Audu Lantewa, the head of the community who mentioned that the dispensary has been dilapidated for more than 7 yrs, he added that dispensary situation is critical and he personally reported the issue to local authorities several times. He further lamented that “Lantewa is the gathering centre of four neighbouring villages with approximately 7,000 registered voters, as such, we should get better things from the government.” he said

Our Community Champion was in Latenwa to confirm the situation of the PHC

October 23 2016:  We were in Lantenwa, Yobe where a Primary Health Care is in a messy situation. The PHC  is in Lantewa village, Lantewa ward, Tarmuwa LGA. It serves a population of 13,400, under 5 yrs; 10-15 patients daily, and 70-105 weekly.

“This dispensary require immediate attention and mentioned deficiency as there are no toilet facilities, it’s always dark at night as there is no power source, even the solar powered panel that was brought was not working, it’s a shame that government would leave women out here in the dark, they should please do something,” lamented  Yahanatu Alhaji Umaru, a female patient at the PHC

Freedom of Information Letter sent to The Stakeholders in Yobe State

October 21, 2016: An inquiry for more information on #RefurbishLantewa was sent to the Governor of Yobe State, The State Commissioner for Finance and the State Commissioner for Health

Follow the Money Kickstarted #RefurbishLatenwa

In Yobe State, North Eastern Nigeria, we have a campaign hashtagged #RefurbishLantewa. We are tracking the US$1.5 million released by the World Bank in its Saving One Million Lives (SOML) Project, through the Federal Ministry of Health to the Yobe State Government, while advocating for the refurbishment of the PHC located at Lantewa, Tarmuwa LGA in Yobe State.