With the recent intervention of the Federal Government through an initiative by World Bank which is “Saving One Million Lives”, Kogi state confirmed the receipt of the $1.5m. The Honorable commissioner for health Dr. Saka Haruna received it on behalf of the state. As we follow the money meant for the  PHCs, we are beaming our searchlight on Okengwe Community of Okene Local Government of Kogi state.

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PHC Okengwe is one of the many health posts in Okengwe, Okene Local Government of Kogi State that is been faced with an infrastructure deficit. The Health post serves more than 300 patients in a month and it is with 1 Community Health Extension Worker, 1 Midwifery and one health assistant with no skilled birth attendant. No Doctors to attend to more than 300 unhealthy patients in a month. Also, the health facility did not have improved water supply to aid the health care delivery nor does it have a sanitation system instead there is an open defecation system at the back of the maternity whose view is a perfect view of a dumping ground.

The facility does not have a ward, no medical equipment, and the bench that is being used is gotten through individual contributions by the medical personnel.

The health post serves Adavi, Okengwe, Ageva among others in the same Okene Local Government Area of Okene LG.

Okengwe PHC

Okengwe PHC

The only facility that can be proud of in the facility is a vaccine freezer and a tapped electricity from PHCN office who happens to be their neighbour.

They all seems very excited and they want to see the impact of our campaigns as soon as possible.

Okengwe Development Association Sent Advocacy Letter to the Ministry

22 December 2016: Okengwe Development Association ODA sent a letter to Commissioner of Health after an independent town hall session with Follow the Money team, the meeting was as a result of our last Town hall meeting in the Community.

Town Hall Meeting Held in Okengwe

December 13, 2016: A town hall meeting was held at the Okengwe Town Hall, with 23 participants. The attendees included members of the community, youth and women groups, the Officer in Charge of the PHC in Okengwe, and the local media. There was no sort of presence of anyone from the state government. The development association in Okengwe led by  Honourable Dangana E Andre promised to take the issue forward, by writing to the state government on the plight of the PHC in the community immediately, and that they will give CODE feedback from the government. Report here 

Chief Medical Personnel Decry the Status of the PHC

“I have reported the situations here to the Local Government for more than 3 times and yet they did not take any actions, I cannot leave this place because I am the only hope of the people,”. said the Chief Medical Personnel of the facility. Furthermore, he said he would be glad if Follow The Money team can help them amplify their voices to the government, for the later to and made them to act, expand, and renovate the health our facility for us, as you can see,. “We are always sitting on bench outsides and wait for turns over seeing health care attendants”,  she further lamented.

Community Outreach to Okengwe Primary Health Care

On October 27, 2016 we had a community outreach to Okengwe in Okenne, Kogi State. It is the PHC that serves more than 3 communities which Adavi, Ageva and Okengwe were the most popular of it according to the chief medical personnel which was interviewed by our team. The health facility has no ward except with one little room of few square meters which has one unused bed; as well as, no record cabinet, no medical facilities and equipment, and no water source whatsoever even when the facilities serves more than 300 patients who are basically mothers.

Freedom of Information Letter sent to the Stakeholders 

On October 26, 2016 an inquiry for more information on #DevelopOkengwe was sent to the Governor of Kogi State, the State Commissioner for Finance and the State Commissioner for Health. As at the time of writing this report, no response has been gotten from the three offices.