A pregnant woman in labour was seen carried in a wheelbarrow pushed around by her first son. When asked, the son said they had been to one of the primary health care to put to bed but was rejected due to lack of facilities.  As they proceed to the next hospital, she delivered in on the way, and the son not knowing what to do, kept the child inside a nylon and continued to push the mother who still had the placenta halfway out her pelvis. A few minutes afterwards, the mother died.

(Note: The story was not verified if it was true or false. But was said to have happened in a rural community).

Grim statistics had shown that only 20% of Nigeria’s 30,000 primary healthcare facilities are working, due to lack of transparency and accountability, and in a bid to put an end to this, the federal government, with credit from the World Bank had concluded to disburse $1.5million respectively to 36 states, including the Federal Capital territory, for financing of the primary health care system in order to scale up health care service delivery nationwide.

A dispensary in Lantewa Yobe State

A dispensary in Lantewa Yobe State

Hence, to ensure transparency and accountability, the Follow The Money Team in accordance to the provision of Freedom of Information Act 2011,on June 18, 2016, wrote to the ministry of health, and the ministry of finance, requesting the names of the states that have gotten the $1.5 million. And also demanded to know the work plans or implementation plan submitted by each state that has gotten the funds, alongside a copy of the Nigerian Health Plan.

Two weeks after the submission of the letter, the team was informed that the letter had moved to the Director Legal Department, and by 29th of August, the letter reached the minister’s table for final approval, but up till now, there has been no response from the ministry of health.

Well, it might interest you to know that, five states have already announced the receipt of funds, and the states are Kogi, Abia, Zamfara , Bauchi and Cross River. If you are a Nigerian citizen, you should be interested in how your governors will be spending this fund, and you can ask them verbally or by writing them. If you have more information about how these funds are been spent in your state, kindly comment here, and if you want to join our movement, to track the funds in your state, don’t look further, you can sign up here – http://followthemoneyng.org/join-us