The democratic system of government gives power to citizens to monitor and check government activities, as it relates to the actualization of their promises while campaigning for electorates to cast votes for them. Some of the laws and platforms that have already given power to citizens include:

Freedom of Information Act 2011. Also, the Open Data movement that has been advocating for the government of countries to make all data available on the internet. Quite noteworthy again, is Nigeria’s commitment to the Open Government Partnership (OGP) which will set a legal framework for the government (federal, state and local) to comply with all transparency and accountability standards.

As such, if you are a citizen, you should monitor you leaders, and track the funds meant for basic amenities, which they have promised you

  1. Always listen to their promises – on radio, or watch on TV, so if you here any money meant for your community project, kindly note it.
  2. Go to their various office and ask when the work will start, and who or which company will be responsible for implementing the project OR
  3. Join us as a community reporter at and you can report to our team
  4. Send your story to us via our hotline 0708-000-4730
  5. We will write your government (either state or local) to get such information
  6. After details have been provided to you, make sure you check in your community every month to see progress.