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Adamawa State Commissioner of Finance Deprive Citizen Access to Information

In a bid to Follow the Paris Club Funds in Adamawa State, we sent a Freedom of Information Letter to the state Governor and the State Commissioner of Finance to request for the detail of how the fund received by the state was spent. We know that N516.38 billion were made to the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory upon the approval of Muhammadu Buhari on November 21, 2016. The payments were in partial settlement of longstanding claims by State Governments relating to over-deductions from their Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) allocation for external debt service arising between...

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Students Sits on Window to Write Exams in Adamawa State

Over the past 53 years, the government of Adamawa has been able to renovate these schools only once. What does that tell us? Our advocacy for a conducive learning environment for the Leaders of Tomorrow” ïn the state seems to have gotten to their ears. This is going to be history. The feelers we have gotten from our recently held town hall meeting from Mal. Mohammed Hassan Toungo – The State Universal Basic Education Board Chairman is that the government will swing into action. A tactful statement that will ease their embarrassment if carefully, they get their acts together and...

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SHOCKING: Taraba State Government Pockets Saving One Million Lives Project Money

Taraba State Internally Generated Revenue in 2015 stood at N 4.1 billion placing Taraba (state) 30th out of 36 states and her 2017 budget of N110 Billion is to be funded by Federal allocations of about N31 billion and other Federal receipts like VAT, Budget support, federal government refund and other miscellaneous receipts together with internal and external loan proposals. Meanwhile, Taraba State government was given NGN 420 million ($1.5m) to upgrade the healthcare facilities in the State. We expected that special funds like the Save One Million Lives Performance for Results, prepared specifically to revitalise the healthcare centres...

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Whistle Blowing Policy in Nigeria, the Gains and the Loss

The Whistleblower policy has taken Nigeria by storm and all over the country, people have started feeling its impact. A few months ago, Lai Mohammed said “The biggest amount of $136,676,600.51 was recovered from an account in a commercial bank, where the money was kept under an apparently fake account name, followed by 7 billion Naira and $15 million from another person and 1 billion Naira from yet another.” From the angle of Transparency and Accountability, we believe this policy should drive more citizen-government engagement as this is a clause to be signed off in our Social Contract. However,...

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Kogi State Fails to Access UBEC NGN1.25Bn Funds

Early last month, according to verified sources, Thirty-six states and the Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria are yet to access the N46.2 billion Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) matching grants for 2017 because of their inability to show evidence of proper utilisation of the grants disbursed to them earlier. According to the latest West African Examination Council ranking, Kogi State has not been included in this ranking due to the poor performance of the state in the examination, this is worrisome as a state that has a young governor at the helm of affairs is seen lacking educational benefits in...

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