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#RenovateNinte – Tracking the Rehabilitation of a PHC at Ninte, Jema’a LGA, Kaduna State

Ninte, a community in Jema’a Local Government Area of Kaduna State have a dilapidated PHC. This was ascertained during our preliminary visit to the community when we officially kicked off the #RenovateNinte Campaign. The trip was informed after the Follow The Money data mining team found out on a tender advertisement that the Jama’a LGA Council called for bids on various projects including the renovation of the Ninte PHC for a better healthcare service and outcome in the community. The FTM team is tracking the implementation of the project to ensure accountability, we have initiated the #RenovateNinte campaign to...

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#BuildIkotIdeUdo – Tracking the Construction of a Mini Water Scheme at Ikot Idem Udo PHC, in Onna LGA

In our pursuit for accountability and transparency in governance especially in marginalised communities, the data mining team found on a tender that the Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Health has called for bids on the construction of perimeter fence and provision of a mini water scheme at the Public Health Centre in Ikot Idem Udo, Onna LGA. The Centre urgently needs more beds (they have only two), delivery cart, trolley and other delivery equipment as they do not take deliveries at the Centre because of the absence of these.  Their challenges are seemingly endless as another major issue is...

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#ConstructIdungIniang – Tracking the Construction of Perimeter Fence and 2-Bedroom Twin Staff Quarters at Idung Iniang PHC

The Saving One Million Lives Program for Result (SOML PforR) is a Federal Government intervention to strengthen healthcare services across the country. The program is being funded through a credit from the World Bank. In 2016, each of the 36 states and the FCT was given $1.5 million as a grant for the implementation of the program and Follow the Money team started tracking the implementation in different states. Subsequently, through data mining by our team, it was found on a tender advertisement that the Ministry of Health in Akwa Ibom State has called for bids, for the construction of perimeter fence, completion of two bedroom twin staff quarters and provision of water scheme at Idung Iniang PHC. This intervention project is to improve maternal and child health through strengthening health systems in the state under the SOML PforR. We have initiated the #ConstructIdungIniang campaign to track the implementation of the PHC project at Idung Iniang. Through this campaign, we call on all concerned stakeholders especially the Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Health to uphold public interest through being accountable and transparent in the usage of the funds that have been released for this project. We implore the public to get on board with us in following this money to ensure that the project is duly implemented through joining us on...

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#Educatedawaki – Advocating For The Rehabilitation And Construction Of Classrooms In Dawaki, Kanke LGA

Dawaki, a rural community with an estimate of 4000 residents, is located in Kanke Local Government Area of Plateau State. The community Primary school which see’s to the education needs of 620 pupils has only 5 functional classrooms and 75 desks. Leaving the school authority with no choice but to merge children of different grades in one class, having as many as 6 children per desk and the larger number sitting on bare floor. We have initiated the #EducateDawaki campaign advocating for immediate intervention by government in building better facilities to educate this community. We invite the public to...

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#ErectUcheYache– Tracking the Construction of a Comprehensive Health-Care Centre/Staff Quarters/Perimeter Fence and Procurement Of Medical Equipment In Uche Yache

The Follow the Money data mining team found that the Cross River State Primary Health Care Development Agency (CRSPHCDA) will be constructing a Comprehensive Health Care Centre/Staff Quarters/Perimeter Fence and Procurement Of Medical Equipment in Uchu Yache, Yala LGA of Cross River State. The community is a bit far and about 2hours from Ogoja via Motorcycle (No cars ply the route because of the bad road and collapsing bridges) and 7 hours from the state capital. The population size is an estimate of 6000. This project when completed will assist in ensuring that the health care system is more...

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