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[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD REPORT HERE] There are constant and growing pressures on governments and organizations around the world to be more responsive to demands from internal and external stakeholders for good governance, accountability and transparency, greater development effectiveness and delivery of tangible results. Citizens are also among stakeholders interested in how government spending works in their communities. Consequently, Follow The Money provides a platform  for  clear, objective evidence on resources, easily accessible on paper and online, so that decisions and policy can better be informed on how transparent and accountable these processes are. In May 2012, the President of...

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With about US$16 billion spent on education by international aid organizations and millions of Naira from government spending, the quality of basic education in Nigeria is still extremely poor due to lack of accountability and transparency, leading to low demand and unacceptably low academic performance. While education indicators are poor nationwide, the greatest need for assistance is in the predominantly Muslim north, and the Follow The Money team in 2014 created a platform to tracking the implementation of government budget (monitoring service delivery) in education institutions in...

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Do you work with the government or with a non-profit organization? Are you are a data analyst or a top decision maker in visualizing, managing and communicating data? we will help you in identifying specific tools you can use in visualizing, interpreting, and communicating your data in an IATI standard format. This expedition will help you in exploring formatting methods which allows you to visually annotate your data for both analytical and presentation purposes. Find out how you can analyze and communicate your organization data information, share it with other people,”make it open and transparent ” and manage it...

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