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#ErectMairiKuwait – Tracking the Construction of 2 Blocks of (3) Classrooms in Mairi Kuwait Area of Jere Federal Constituency

The Impact of education on the development of a nation cannot be overemphasised as no country can really develop unless its citizens get optimal education. Follow The Money team taking into cognizance the underlying factors that will enable the provision of smooth learning environment for all, even in the most remote part of the nation during its data mining process uncovered that the Universal Basic Education Commission on its tender advertisement, called for bids on the construction of 2 Blocks of (3) Classrooms in Mairi Kuwait Area of Jere Federal Constituency in Borno State as one of its 2017...

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#WaterGaniTsuru – Tracking the Construction of Solar Mechanized Borehole at GaniTsuru, Warawa LGA, Kano State

In our mission to empower marginalised communities with actionable data for inclusive development in the area of sanitation, our Follow The Money team found on a tender that Warawa Local Council called for bids for the construction of a solar mechanised borehole at Gani Tsuru, Warawa LGA of Kano State. The FTM team is tracking the implementation of the project to ensure transparency in governance process through the #WaterGaniTsuru campaign.  Through this campaign, we call on all concerned stakeholders especially the Warawa Local Government Area Council of Kano State to uphold public interest through being accountable and transparent with the funds released for this project.    We implore the public to get on board with us to follow the money to ensure that the project is duly implemented by joining us on...

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#UpgradeUgep – Tracking the Construction One Storey block of 6 Classrooms at Holy Cross Primary School, in Ugep

The follow the money team during its data mining process, discovered that Cross River State Universal Basic Education Board has tendered to upgrade the Holy Cross Primary School at Ugep by constructing a one-storey block of 6 classrooms. To provide oversight and foster information sharing between the implementing agency and the beneficiary community on the implementation of this project, FTM team is initiating #UpgradeUgep campaign. We call on all stakeholders especially the CRSPHCDA to provide necessary information that will aid the successful monitoring and implementation of this project. To join in this campaign, please log on to  ...

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#ConstructMuduru – Tracking the Construction/Extension of Storey-Building on Existing Structure at Muduru Model Primary School, Muduru

Education is the key that unlocks and expands the cultural toolkits of the have-nots and thus gives them the potential to bring about lasting social change in their persistently marginalized communities. In expanding our work for the ever-increasing marginalized communities across Africa, the Follow The Money team during its data mining process discovered through a tender advertisement that the Katsina State Universal Basic Education Board (KASUBEB) has tendered for the construction/extension of storey-building on existing structures at Muduru Model Primary School, Muduru, Mani LGA, Katsina State. The Follow The Money team has activated #ConstructMuduru campaign to monitor and track...

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#RenovateZangoDaji – Tracking the Renovation of 2 Blocks of Classroom in LGEA School, Zango-Daji

The challenges of rural schools and communities in achieving quality/standard education for all is largely dependent on the conditions available for learning, in this case, access to adequate facilities, learning aid and infrastructure plays a major role in achieving a quality education. The lack of these educational aid has overtime been seen to have influenced the way in which children in these marginalized communities have fared in learning outcomes, same as their teachers who are also affected. In ensuring we continuously empower marginalized communities to hold their government accountable through providing information that will facilitate the tracking and monitoring...

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