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Download “Education in Crisis” our data report on education funds in Nigeria in PDF

[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD REPORT HERE] Follow The Money tries to answer questions about the way that funds meant for development are being utilized within our local communities. How much is spent on community development? Where does it go? What is it spent on? Who spends it? Our aim is to provide clear, objective evidence on resources, easily accessible on paper and online, so that decisions and policy can better be informed on how transparent and accountable these processes are. Our mission is to give people the news and information they need about aid meant for their communities, and the...

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Mapping Funds meant for Victims of the 2012 Flood In 2012, an unprecedented flood ravaged several states in Nigeria, affecting over 7 million people, displaced 2.3 million people, killed over 363 persons, damaged and destroyed about 597, 476 houses. To ameliorate the situation,In October 2012, the Federal Government of Nigeria immediately provided a total of NGN17.6 billion [States will receive NGN13.3 billion, while Federal Agencies will recieve NGN4.3 billion]. About US$12.8 million was recieved from donors (individuals and organizations). Post disaster needs assesement put the estimated total value of damages and losses at about 2.6 trillion Naira [US$16.9 billion]....

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