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[NEW] Download “When State Agents become Kleptocratic, Women are deprived of alternatives” in PDF

[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD REPORT HERE] “Even the most well intended and well thought out policies may not have an impact if they are not implemented properly. Unfortunately, the gap between intention and implementation can be quite wide. The many failings of government are often given as the reason good policies cannot really be made to work” as suggested by Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo in Poor Economics: A Radical Rethinking of Way to Fight Global Poverty. In the same vein, we quite agree that government inadequacy is greatly affecting the impact of foreign aid in a developing country...

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How we Tracked 9.2 billion NGN meant to provide #WomenCookstoves

HOW 9.2 BILLION NGN (US$ 4.8 MILLION ) IS BEING SPENT ON 750,000 CLEAN COOKSTOVES AND 18,000 WONDERBAGS FOR RURAL WOMEN Follow The Money to provide Rural #WomenCookstoves PLAN   OUTCOME      THE STORY OF #WomenCookstoves On Tuesday, November 26, 2014, the Nigerian government approved NGN9, 287,250,000.00 for the distribution of 750, 000 Clean Cook Stoves and 18,000 Wonder bags to rural women, in a bid to stop the depletion of forest resources caused by indiscriminate felling of trees. The approval followed a memo presented by the Minister of Environment, Laurentia Mallam, at the weekly Federal Executive Council...

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How we Tracked 102 million to #RelocateGutsura in Zamfara State

  HOW IS ABOUT 123 MILLION NGN (ABOUT $US700 thousand) BEING SPENT TO RELOCATE 570 HOUSEHOLDS IN GUTSURA, ZAMFARA? Help us Follow The Money meant to #RelocateGutsura! PLAN OUTCOME  THE STORY OF #RelocateGutsura and FLOOD VICTIMS In 2012, one of the worst flooding in history of Gutsura in Zamfara, Northern Nigeria was witnessed. 2,000 people were dispaced and crops worth millions of Naira were destroyed . Since the disaster in 2012, the about 3,000 people that resides in Gutsura have been waiting and looking up to their relocation to a new site, as recommended. In 2013, same magnitude of...

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