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The Curious Case of #Water Projects in #Nigeria

According to data retrieved from the International Aid Transparency Initiative, NGN47 billion will be spent in 2016 to provide water in various communities in Nigeria , while  NGN46 billion in the “capital budget” of the Ministry of Water Resources is also to provide water. With all these funds, it’s uncertain if Nigerians do have access to...

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#DevelopOkengwe – Tracking $1.5 Million for Equipping Primary Health Care Facilities in Kogi State With Attention To Okengwe of Okene Local Government

In Kogi State, North Central Nigeria, we have a campaign hashtagged #DevelopOkengwe. We are tracking the US$1.5 million released by the World Bank, in its Saving One Million Lives (SOML) Project with the Federal Ministry of Health to the Kogi State Government, while advocating for the refurbishment of the PHC located in Okengwe, Okene LGA of Kogi State. The facility serves more than 300 patients in a month and has 1 Community Health Extension Worker, Midwife and health assistant. In addition, it has no skilled birth attendant and water supply.

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#RevampSekona – Tracking $1.5 Million for Equipping Primary Health Facilities in Osun State

On July 20th, 2016, The Federal Government of Nigeria through its ministry of health launched Saving One Million Lives Program for Results (SOML-P for R). The program is focused on improving maternal and child health care at the state level. The state of Osun is part of the state whose funds has been disbursed for the SOML initiative which we believe the Model Primary Health Care Center Sekona of Ede South Local Government should be attended to as a matter of urgency.  Sekona is a village which is located at Ile – Ife/Odeomu Expressway. The Model Health Care Centre...

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#EquipKantudu – Tracking NGN 137 Million to Equip the Health Center at Kantudu

On September 2, 2016 the government of Kano, approved 137 million for the renovation of PHCs in Filin Mushe, Gwale and Makoda LGA of the state. Kantudu in Makoda LGA of Kano State has a  primary health care centre that serves 2,500 people, all coming from 13 surrounding villages. The primary health care (PHC) was built 5-6 years ago as the senatorial project for Makoda LGA. The PHC has one male and female ward, which are not presently functioning. There is only three staff with one community health worker. The PHC classified has a general hospital, with no emergency...

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#RefurbishLantewa – Tracking $1.5 million for Improving PHC Centres in Yobe State

The Primary Health Care (PHC) at Lantenwa is supposed to take care of hundreds of children in the community and three surrounding communities, but this is not the case. Out of all the 22 PHCs in Tarmuwa Local Government Area, the one at Lantewa has no maternal health delivery service, no emergency transport, and no skilled birth attendant. The health care facility has no bed for patients and no power facility! The PHC at Lantewa is estimated to serve a population of 3,000, but as it were, no health care can be received from this PHC. The government of Yobe has received 420 million from the Save One Million Lives project  to improve the health care system in Yobe State, and the PHC at Lantewa should be considered with immediate attention. With millions of dollars that will be spent on the PHCs in Yobe state, we call on transparency and accountability on the funds, in order to refurbish the health center at Lantewa immediately. Many times, these funds will not reach the community, as such, we enjoin everyone to join in the campaign to #RefurbishLantewa so hundreds of children could have access to health care in Tarmuwa LGA.   Response from Government Aside from responses gotten from town hall meeting,  we got a response from Yobe State Government on our request via an email on December 4, stating clearly that...

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