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How Communities Stood Up to #SaveShikira

For some of our followers, that commented on our last illustration on citizen engagement and governance , this illustration depicts how the citizens of Shikira joined in the #SaveShikira campaign in demanding for accountability in the clean up of their lead-contaminated community, which also led to the treatment of hundreds of lead poisoned children in the community. The people of Shikira and the Emirate council of Kagara are our champions, as they stood up to advocate, and track the 253 million that was budgeted to clean up their...

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Borno Humanitarian Aid

The Internal Displacement Monitoring Center (IDMC) of the International Organization for Migration estimates that there are almost 1,434,149 internally displaced people (IDPs) in the Borno State of Nigeria as of 31 December 2015.  Since 2013, there had been millions of US dollars raised to improve the plight of these IDPs, but the reverse is the case, as the humanitarian crisis in this part of the country keeps worsening .Where did all the Money go? We looked at funds that have been made available to Borno State, to ease the predicament of internally displaced people in the state. All dataset is...

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See where all the Micro Medium and Small Enterprises funds go since 2009

In Nigeria alone since 2009, 92.6 billion Naira (92,656,458,292.08) in total as been spent on making funds available for Micro, Medium, and Small Enterprises (MSMEs). But many times, citizens complain that they do not have access to such funds or that the funds didn’t get to them. This visualization was created on Open Data Day in Abuja, during the data liberation session with support from Code For Nigeria and Micro, Medium, and Small Enterprises (MSMEs) Advocacy Initiative. Please do not hesitate to leave comments and suggestions on the...

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