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Mapping Funds meant for Victims of the 2012 Flood In 2012, an unprecedented flood ravaged several states in Nigeria, affecting over 7 million people, displaced 2.3 million people, killed over 363 persons, damaged and destroyed about 597, 476 houses. To ameliorate the situation,In October 2012, the Federal Government of Nigeria immediately provided a total of NGN17.6 billion [States will receive NGN13.3 billion, while Federal Agencies will recieve NGN4.3 billion]. About US$12.8 million was recieved from donors (individuals and organizations). Post disaster needs assesement put the estimated total value of damages and losses at about 2.6 trillion Naira [US$16.9 billion]....

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How we Tracked 837.3 million NGN to #SaveBagega in Zamfara State

HOW IS ABOUT 837.3 MILLION NGN (ABOUT $5.3million) BEING SPENT TO SAVE HUNDREDS OF CHILDREN IN BAGEGA, ZAMFARA, NIGERIA? Help us follow the Money released January 2013 to Bagega! [VISUALIZATION] 3 MONTHS AFTER THE RELEASE OF ABOUT 837.3 MILLION TO 3 FEDERAL MINISTRIES. SEE HOW THE FUNDS IS BEING SPENT TO #SaveBagega              Stories in the News   ( At long last,a reason to smile for the lead – poisoned children of Bagega (Voice of America) Doctors begin treatment of lead – poisoned Nigeria children (Human Rights Watch) In Nigeria: Death Stalking lead poisoned...

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In 2013 alone, 8.1 trillion Naira will be spent in 82 Federal Government Colleges; 4.3 trillion Naira will be spent in 22 Federal Technical Colleges; same amount will be spent on 21 Federal Polytechnics; 5.6 trillion will be spent on 21 Federal Colleges of Education; while 13.4 trillion will be spent in 35 Federal Universities. These amount are quite insignificant when compared to the UNESCO recommendation for funding of education. Nevertheless, citizens, policy makers, stakeholders do not know how much is been or has been spent by these schools. We have tried putting the puzzle together, and we hope...

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Download “When Government spending is made to Work, Nothing works like it” in PDF

[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD REPORT HERE] There are constant and growing pressures on governments and organizations around the world to be more responsive to demands from internal and external stakeholders for good governance, accountability and transparency, greater development effectiveness and delivery of tangible results. Citizens are also among stakeholders interested in how government spending works in their communities. Consequently, Follow The Money provides a platform  for  clear, objective evidence on resources, easily accessible on paper and online, so that decisions and policy can better be informed on how transparent and accountable these processes are. In May 2012, the President of...

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