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Is Nigeria National Health Insurance Scheme Working or Not?

With the moribund situations in the country health sector in Nigeria and the contributions of Nigerians to the National Health Insurance Scheme. Can we conclude that the funds is working or not, is this another policy summersault from the FG owing to the fact that Nigerians could not access better health service delivery? We believe it is the responsibility of the government to provide functioning basic health facilities to Nigerians and we believe as a citizen we should demand accountability from our government....

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BREAKING: Follow The Money Team meets World Bank’s Saving One Million Lives Program Lead

8th March 2017: The Follow The Money Team had a meeting with the Saving One Million Lives Program Lead of World Bank Country Office in Nigeria. The meeting was a strategic one, to get specific details on the $500 million health credit that the Bretton Woods Institution approved for the Nigerian Government in 2015. As part of this, in 2016, the World Bank released $55.5 million to the Federal Government who then gave $1.5 million, as a grant, to each of the 36 States and the FCT. We are tracking the $1.5m at Primary Healthcare Centres across rural communities...

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SHARING FORMULA: 100bn Constituency Project Divides Reps

Over the years, the sharing formula for the constituency projects of the reps has always been 60 percent for the members and 40 percent for the principal officers. But the recent allegation by the former chairman of the House committee on Appropriation Hon. Abdulmumini Jibrin leveled against the house leadership over the budget padding scandals now made the house to query the 40 percent allotted to its principal officers. The members of the house seek the reversal of the sharing formula and the request turns the house agog as the principal officers would not yield to the stand of the house...

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Federal Government Home Feeding Intervention, hit or not?

With the Federal Government Social Intervention budget in tune of N500bn budgeted in the 2016 Appropriation Act, N50bn would be used for the Home Grown Feeding Program across the countries. Will this intervention bring more pupils to the schools as claimed by the FG or not, thinking of how poor the teacher’s welfare has been in recent times and the salary crisis that has plagued the...

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Follow The Money 2016 Report

[DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT HERE] In our efforts to empower marginalised communities in Nigeria through the use of information and people-centered approach to transparency and accountability in Nigeria. Through our interventions, communities we engaged have started following the money, we are able to mobilise them to actions using their community strength through collective advocacy to the government. We bring the government to the people and made them understand why it is important for citizens to be proactive reaching more than 6 communities in 6 states in Nigeria. With the power of our people, we believe we will strengthening citizens participation...

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