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Federal Government Home Feeding Intervention, hit or not?

With the Federal Government Social Intervention budget in tune of N500bn budgeted in the 2016 Appropriation Act, N50bn would be used for the Home Grown Feeding Program across the countries. Will this intervention bring more pupils to the schools as claimed by the FG or not, thinking of how poor the teacher’s welfare has been in recent times and the salary crisis that has plagued the...

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Follow The Money 2016 Report

[DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT HERE] In our efforts to empower marginalised communities in Nigeria through the use of information and people-centered approach to transparency and accountability in Nigeria. Through our interventions, communities we engaged have started following the money, we are able to mobilise them to actions using their community strength through collective advocacy to the government. We bring the government to the people and made them understand why it is important for citizens to be proactive reaching more than 6 communities in 6 states in Nigeria. With the power of our people, we believe we will strengthening citizens participation...

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#EducateIkpayongo: Advocating for the Provision of Classrooms and Writing Materials to Children in Rural Benue State

RCM Primary School Ikpayongo is a primary school located in Gwer East Local Government of Benue state. The school has a total population of 456 students studying in 9 classrooms with 6 teachers. The primary school have a student to class ratio of 50 to 1 which surpasses the UNESCO recommended 40 to 1. Also, a ground truthing investigation by our community reporter in the state revealed to us that some students were seen studying without chairs and tables under deteriorated classrooms condition. Our Follow the Money team will be advocating for the provision of serene learning environment and...

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#ImproveBadarawa: Tracking $21m Girl child education grant to Kaduna State Government as part of the World Bank $100m in 5 Northern State

The Follow the Money Team kickstarted the tracking of $100m world bank grant which was provided under the Nigeria Partnership for Education Project for the provision of support for the education of children, especially those at the rural areas to have access to qualitative education. Furthermore, it was announced that $21m was committed to the project in Kaduna state by the world bank. In this regard, the Follow The Money Team will be focusing on $21m in Kaduna state to improve Badarawa in Kaduna North Local Government. The school is a part of the 5 listed schools which need urgent intervention, as the Badarawa 1 Primary school have a total population of 1924 students studying in 19 classrooms with 98 teachers and 2 toilets. The student per class ratio is 101:1 which is a not a good condition for children to learn from. World Bank Grants for Girl Child Education is not to be mainly used to promote girl child education The Headmaster of the school explains that #400,000 was gotten from the government of which #200,000 was used for early child care development (ECCD) and the remaining #200,000 was meant for primary through the school base management committee. He showed our community champion the receipts and documents of the work done within the school as he said they painted the ECCD with pictures, bought chalk and also bought...

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#FurnishTongo: Tracking N20m for the Building and Furnishing of 2 Classrooms at Tongo 2 Primary School

To read more about the townhall meeting, join our network on   Community Commended Follow the Money Effort Towards The Construction of the 2 Blocks of Classrooms    5 May 2017: During the assessment, our cluster interviewed the headmaster, who commented, “We thank God for given us life health and opportunity to witness this construction project in our school. We are happy more than any other person. We are happy about how your organization, Connected Development [CODE] intervened on this fund, advocate and follow the money and here we are with the project construction. If not because of...

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