Rijiyar zaki town is a populous community in Ungogo LGA.  The community has a population of 364, 968 inhabitants. (Source: Community Chief). The town is located on Janguza plains 12.8 KM away from Kano Metropolis.Despite its enormous population, Rijiyar Zaki as no public health facility. The closest government owned heath facility is Kabuga PHC (8.5 KM) on Gwarzo road and Murtala Muhammad General Hospital (35.1KM) away. As part of CODE interventions to ensure service delivery through enhancing community participation in governance, CODE during its data mining found the tender advertisement by Ungogo Local Government Council to construct Dispensary Clinic at Rijiyar Zaki, R/Zaki Ward, Kano State.

To provide oversight and foster information sharing between the implementing agency and the beneficiary community on the implementation of this project, FTM team is initiating #ErectZaki campaign. We call on all stakeholders especially the Ungogo Local Government Council to provide necessary information that will aid the successful monitoring and implementation of this project.

To join in this campaign, please log on to www.ifollowthemoney.org 

Preliminary Visit To Zaki Town

13/05/2019: Follow The Money Kano Team Embarked on a preliminary visit to Zaki Town to collate first hand information on the #ErectZaki campaign and inform the community of the project.

Community Faced With Enormous Health Challenges

13/05/2019: During the preliminary visit the team gathered that project implementation is yet to commence and the community is currently faced with enormous health challenges ranging from alarming rate of infant and maternal mortality to regular outbreak of Malaria, Cholera, Measles and other preventable diseases.

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FTM Team Embark On Community Outreach To Zaki Community

Rijiyar Zaki Community Members calling on the Government to #ErectZaki

19/5/2019: The team embarked on a community outreach to Zaki Town, For the purpose of information sharing and on boarding of community members on the overall activities of Follow The Money. 

Project Implementation Is Yet To Commence

19/5/2019: During the community outreach, the team gathered that project implementation is yet to commence and that the community is in dire need of a health facility to curb some of their health challenges. 

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FOI request sent to Kabo Local Government Area, Kabo, Kano State 

20/05/201:Follow the Money sent an FOI request to the Executive Chairman Ungogo Local Government Area, Ungogo, Kano State on construction of dispensary clinic at Rijiyar Zaki, R/Zaki ward.  Considering the bidding process for the project ended, a request for specific cost, list of successful contractors, implementation calendar and all contract documents available as regarding the project was requested. 

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Follow The Money Team Organised A Town Hall Meeting

Participants at The Town Hall Meeting

06/08/2019: The Kano team led by Ali Isa and Halima Usman embarked on a town hall meeting to Rijiyar Zaki Ward, Unogogo LGA Kano State on the Construction of Dispensary Clinic at Rijiyar Zaki. During the meeting various complaints were raised as to why the implementation of the project was yet to begin. Some challenges the community members faced are lack of trained personnel and lack of adequate facilities. 

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