Education plays a key role in the development of any country. Investing in education yields significant development benefits including poverty reduction, economic growth, reduction in maternal deaths and reduction in prevalence of diseases such as HIV and AIDS.

In this light, Connected Development (CODE) in partnership with the Public Private Development Centre (PPDC) started tracking the implementation of several UBEC 2017 Constituency Projects. This included the Renovation of a block of 2 Classrooms in Dirbi, Bogoro LGA in Bauchi State. The cost of the project was 7.25 million Naira which is for the renovation of a block of two (2) classroom and during the preliminary visit carried out by Maria of CODE and Likita of PPDC, they observed that the project had been completed,

Town Hall Meeting at Dirbi Community of Bauchi State

09/08/2018: Connected Development (CODE) in partnership with Public Private Development Centre (PPDC) organized a town hall meeting at Dirbi community. The town hall meeting was held at Dirbi Primary School which saw in attendance over 30 participants ranging from the village head, women leader, headmistress, youth leader amongst others.

No Prior information on details of the project

Community Leader: Ishaku Hakuri

09/08/2018: The community leader, Ishaku Hakuri while speaking stated that he was not informed by the contractor if the project was a construction or renovation project and the amount for the project, but with the information the team has provided, they have been empowered to follow up on the work.

Even though the renovation was complete, the classroom was not in use

Head Mistress of Dirbi primary school: Margaret Lura

09/08/2018: The Headmistress was asked why the classroom was not in use she responded saying that “The renovated building doesn’t have a desk, or a writing board, so the children sit on the bare floor to learn, also when its raining the roof leaks,”  She went further to add that since she was posted to the school her major challenges has been lack of chairs, desk and other teaching aids. She pleaded with the team to send and share the status of the project to all the necessary stakeholders, so that they will come to their aid and do something much better.

Renovation work was done at Night

Women Leader: Saratu j. Harmi

09/08/2-18: The women leader of the community, Saratu j. Harmi stated that the roofing of the renovated classrooms was done at night and that community members living nearby would often hear the sound of the workers when they are working at night. She pointed out that the contractors must be instructed to work in the daytime, so they could supervise and ensure proper project implementation.