Follow The Money team during its data mining session learnt that the Karaye LGA Council of Kano State will be completing a Block of Classrooms at Turawa P/S, Karaye LGA. This was found on a tender advertisement which was published on 18 April 2018. Turawa, a rural community with a population of 20,000 inhabitants is an agrarian community 96 km away from the State capital. Turawa Primary School has 1,350 students, 9 teachers and three blocks of 6 classrooms.  Therefore, we have activated the #ConstructTurawa campaign to track the implementation of this project.

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Community Requested for Further Government Aid

17 May 2018: The community leaders and members showed immersed gratitude to the government and the Follow The Money team and also pleaded with the government to provide tables, chairs, sport equipment and fencing facilities for improved security in the school.

Project Implementation Status as Observed on the Field

17 May 2018: The status of project implementation as observed during the Town hall are as follows: Renovation – 80% Completed; Roofing, Ceiling, Wiring, Flooring, Doors, Burglary Proofs – 90% Completed; Painting-Pending but the materials are in the store; Drilling Of Borehole – Not Started.

Government Stakeholders Were Not Present

17 May 2018: Kano State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), Local Government Chairman, Kano State House of Assembly member representing Karaye Local Government were not represented at the town hall meeting despite previous invitations sent to them. Also, the site engineer who was assigned by the contractor to attend the town-hall meeting did not bring along the Bill of Quantities, hence most of the questions raised during the meeting was not attended to. Although the representative of the Chairman & Education Secretary of Karaye Local Government were present and responded to questions raised.

The Follow The Money Team Embarks On a Town-Hall Meeting

17  May 2018: The FTM team convened a Town hall meeting at Turawa Central Primary School, Turawa Village to bring together all the relevant local stakeholders to discuss the projects for improved service delivery and effective public oversight, as well as to strengthen community ownership of the projects and discuss challenges that might have arose in the course of projects implementation.

Find the report here.

The Community was Duly Informed About the Project Beforehand

2 May 2018: In a gladdening outcome, responses from interviews and questionnaires reveals that both the school and the community are aware of the project prior to our intervention. The last time government intervened in the community was in the year 2012 when the state government constructed Government Junior secondary school.

Head Teacher Cries Out on Dilapidation of Learning Facilities in The School 

2 May 2018: Interviewing the Head Teacher, Malam Abdullahi Wada, on the state of the school, he said: “the whole infrastructure in the school is dilapidated. The school  lacks perimeter fence and suffer from the shortage of teachers.” On the state of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) facilities, the pupils go to nearby homes or neighbourhood to access drinking (usually unwholesome) water during the recreation period.

Similarly, the school lacks toilet facilities – pupils turn to nearby bushes (open defecation) to ease themselves. This is worse under emergency situations. The children suffer unnecessary and avoidable pressures to remain in school. This scenario accounts for a part of the reason why Nigeria is experiencing a drop in enrolment, especially among girls.  Recall that Nigeria has the worst out of school children rate and statistics in the world.

Renovation Work Currently Ongoing at the Site

2 May 2018: During the outreach to Turawa Primary School, it was observed that the renovation works were ongoing and started on the same day the outreach was done. The renovation is slated for completion at the end of May 2018.

Follow the Money Team Held a Community Outreach in Turawa Community to Galvanise Local Support

2 May 2018: Pursuant to the activated campaign on the project implementation, Follow The Money Team embarked on a community outreach to Turawa Central Primary school, Karaye LGA. This was designed to galvanize local support for a smooth implementation regime. The cooperation of community stakeholders on the campaign was massive and overwhelming.

Find the report here.

Freedom of Information Request Sent to Karaye LGA Chairman

30 April 2018: An FOI request was sent to the Karaye LGA Chairman requesting for post bids evaluation data of the school project.

Find the report here.