Education is a vital tool that harnesses the economical and social growth factor of a country, as this will intentionally provide the masses with the awareness of the socio-economic scenario and the needed skills to enhance the progress of the country. In a bid to promote accountability and curb corruption in the educational system, Follow The Money team during its data mining session fathomed out that Zamfara State Universal Basic Education Board has tendered for the Construction of a block of 12 classrooms storey building with verandah, at Gusua, Ahmad Sani Pilot Model Primary School, Zamfara.

Follow The Money has initiated the #RefurbishAhmadSani campaign to track the transcendent implementation of the project. Through this campaign, we request that all concerned stakeholders especially the Zamfara State Universal Basic Education Board to proactively disclose information and uphold public interest through being accountable and transparent in the usage of the funds that have been released for this project.

We implore the public to actively participate and demand inclusiveness in government action to ensure that this project is duly implemented by joining us on