Our recent findings found out that the Universal Basic Education Commission in a tender advertisement, dated Tuesday 5th October 2017 called for bids on the construction of 1 No 2 Classroom Blocks at the City of Refuge Pankshin in Pankshin/Kanke/Kanam Federal Constituency, Plateau State as one of its 2017 constituency projects.

The project is at the cost of NGN 9 million. Pankshin town is a rural community within Pankshin LGA in Plateau state with an estimated population size of 70,000. Its City of Refuge school is a non-profit school open to the public, catering for over 500 special children from different villages in the community. The school has only two blocks of 3 classrooms and it is challenged with an increasing number of student enrollment and would benefit more community from its environs if it had more classrooms.

To this end, Follow The Money team has Initiated the #ErectPankshin campaign to track, monitor and facilitate the implementation of this project and provide all necessary information to the beneficiaries. We, therefore, call on all stakeholder including but not limited to UBEC and the general public to drive conversations and participate towards the full implementation of this project.

To join this campaign, log on to www.ifollowthemoney.org


School Director of Studies Laments on Inconduciveness of Learning 

FTM Team and Dir. of Studies CoRefuge

22 February 2018: The director of studies went on to say, “Our biggest challenge is having to control over 90-100 kids per class as this causes disorder and lack of teacher to child connection which fosters learning; the large population leads to an unconducive learning environment for the students.” And we look forward to a town hall meeting with all stakeholders and communicate our challenges and their failures likewise

Community Member Whose Kids Could Not Get Admitted is Happy About the Project

22 February 2018: While in the school we met a parent (from a neighbouring village), Mrs. Florence Akitikpan whose child was not admitted into the school due to lack of space and she had this to say when informed about the construction of classrooms by UBEC.

” za mu amfana sosai don sababbin nau’o’i kamar yadda ‘ya’yana za su iya shiga makarantar kyauta “ ­- Mrs Florence Akitikpan

“We will benefit greatly from new classes as my children would be able to get into school for free” – Mrs Florence Akitikpan

School Founder Claimed They Turned Down Student Due to Shortage of Classrooms 

Cross section of SS 1 students ( classroom with over 60 children)

22 February 2018: The Founder of the school went on to state that turning student away was becoming a consistent case in the school and this further shows a serious need for more classrooms, “We lack classrooms; this has led to a high population density that incapacitates the school from accommodating more disadvantaged students being a free school, we turn down some candidates for lack of space.”

Founder of the School Aware of the Project with Disbelief 

22 February 2018: The founder of CoRefuge school Mrs. Nenpan Zakka while speaking with FTM team said she got a call from the member representing Pankshin/Kanke/Kanam federal constituency sometime in 2017 saying that classroom would be constructed in her school as part of his constituency project but didn’t believe it would be carried out knowing fully well how politicians promise and fail. The Director of studies stated that the school was established in 2007 with 250 students, and more than 6 villages benefitting from it but moved to its present location in 2016.

Follow the Money Team Went for a Community Outreach

22 February 2018: Plateau Follow The Money team visited Pankshin community to further gather information and track the construction of a block of 2 classrooms at City of Refuge school.

Find the full report here.