In our mission to empower marginalised communities with actionable data for inclusive development in the area of sanitation, our Follow The Money team found on a tender that Warawa Local Council called for bids for the construction of a solar mechanised borehole at Gani Tsuru, Warawa LGA of Kano State. Ganitsuru, a village with a population of 7300.

The FTM team is tracking the implementation of the project to ensure transparency in governance process through the #WaterGaniTsuru campaign. Through this campaign, we call on all concerned stakeholders especially the Warawa Local Government Area Council of Kano State to uphold public interest through being accountable and transparent government with funds released for this project.  

We implore the public to get on board with us to follow the money to ensure that the project is duly implemented by joining us on


The Water Project Has Been Completed

25 April 2018: Follow The Money Kano Chapter was on the ground at Gani Tsuru to monitor project implementation progress. It was observed that the borehole has been completed and the community members were already fetching water from the new source.

Project Progress is Impressive by The Time Town Hall Meeting is Held 

08 March 2018: There is a commendable progress in the implementation of the project. During the preliminary visit, the contractor dug only one borehole when we went back for community outreach and during the townhall meeting, the contractor has dug the second borehole.

Special Assistant on Education Claimed Townhall Meeting The First in History of the Community 

08 March 2018: The Special Assistant on Education of the Local Government Authority, Rabi’u Ya’u YarTofa pointed out that, this was the first time the community is holding a meeting of this kind to discuss issues surrounding access to water and development goals. He went further and assured the community that women will be empowered with microloans to improve the standard of living in the community.

Follow the Money Had a Townhall Meeting in Community 

Connected Development CEO discussing with community members

08 March 2018: A town hall meeting was organized at GaniTsuru to aggregate all relevant stakeholders in the project implementation to discuss project implementation progress and challenges. Hamzat Lawal, CODE Chief Executive who was in attendance took turn to explain efforts in creating community awareness on the projects and fostering mutual dialogue between the community, contractor and implementing agencies.

Find the full report here.

Community Appeals to The LGA Council to Continue The Project Implementation

22 February 2018: In an interview with one of the community members, he called on the LGA Council to continue the project implementation stating that the community will really benefit from it as it will be a source of portable drinking water for them.


Village Head Appeal to The Government to Complete the Project Implementation

22nd February 2018: In an interview with the village head, Malam Usman Alhassan, he said, “We are hoping the work will be completed and I am calling on the government to please come to our aide and finish the work, because it is our source of livelihood. The borehole when finished will bring development to our community.”

Follow the Money Team Went for a Community Outreach

22nd February 2018: During a community outreach to Gani Tsuru to assess the project implementation, it was found out that contractor dug only one of the two wells then disappeared. The community reached out to the Local Government council but due to Local Government Council elections nothing has been done about the situation.

Find the outreach report here.