The #FollowTheMoney Team during its data mining session found a tender advertisement of  Ondo State Conditional Grants Scheme Implementation Committee under the Intergovernmental Affairs and Multilateral Relations Department of the Governor’s Office. Amongst the projects on the tender advertisement (find here) to be executed under the 2014/2015 Conditional Grants Scheme State Track included the construction of school toilet with cargo textures and drilling of a borehole at Ayorinde Baptist Primary School, Iyere in Ile-Oluji/Okeigbo LGA of the state. The school has a total number of population 106, with 6 government teachers and one addition teacher which was enlisted by the PTA community to assist with the running of the school.

We have initiated the #WaterIyere Campaign to track the implementation of the projects at the primary school. Through this campaign, we call on all concerned stakeholders, especially the Intergovernmental Affairs and Multilateral Relations Department of Ondo State Governor’s Office to uphold the public interest through the accountable and transparent management of the fund that have/would be released for the projects.

We invite the public to get involved in the Campaign today. Help us follow the money to ensure that the water borehole and toilets are built for the primary school in order to provide adequate and clean water access/sanitary facility to the pupils.

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Follow the Money Champions Went for Community Outreach in The Community

23 October 2017: Follow The Money Champions in Ondo State went to Ayorinde Baptist Primary School, Iyere to investigate/track project implementation. The water project construction has been ongoing for the past 6 weeks and since then they have only been successful at sinking the hole with other parts of the construction been on a halt since September 18, 2017. The school fear that the project might have been abandoned.

Find the full report here.

The School is Forced to Use Old Pit Toilet

23 October 2017: On our visit, we realized that there have been no signs of any construction regarding the toilet so far. We are hoping that on our next visit there would have been a lot of recent work carried out within the primary school. But for now, they are still making use of the old pit toilet.

No Signs of Recent Work in The School

23 October 2017: Regardless the water borehole and toilets, there were many other projects at the same school as part of the 2014/2015 Conditional Grants Scheme. We were shown the class block area that was dilapidated and very old, which was already destroyed before our visit and there was no sign of any recent work since the past 3 weeks.

Headmaster Excited About the Ongoing Transformations

23 October 2017: In an interview with the headmaster, Mr Iyebo Rotimi Williams, he commented that his expectation from the ongoing transformation is that, he believes that by the end of it all, the school will be able to take on a new shape and become one of the best there is in that community.