Yadakwari is an agrarian community in Garun Mallam Local Government Area of Kano State with a population of 16,000. And ninety percent of the community natives are farmers. The majority of the mechanized boreholes in the community are not functional. This unfortunate development has greatly affected agriculture and other socio-economic activities in the community. Thus, Garun Mallam Local Government Council promised to rehabilitate all the mechanized boreholes in Yadakwari.

We have initiated #RehabilitateYadakwari campaign to track the rehabilitation of the mechanized boreholes to be executed by Garun Mallam Local Government Council. We hereby invite the general public to get involved in #RahabilitateYadakwari Campaign.

Join us on this to ensure Yadakwari gets a functional mechanized borehole  via ifollowthemoney.org or send an email to Kano@ifollowthemoney.org