Jakusko community has a population of 15000 – 17000 est and is one of the communities with a high number of enrolled children in schools in Yobe State. The community has three primary schools. Out of the three, Central Primary School alone serve 3325 pupils, and the schools lack chairs, classrooms and other infrastructure. Jakusko is located in Zone C Yobe State Senatorial district with the majority of the community being Bade followed by Kanuri. Jakusko shares a border with Bade and Karasuwa Local Governments.

We have initiated #EducateJakusko campaign to track the construction of six blocks of classrooms with solar-powered borehole in Jakusko to be implemented by the Border Communities Development Agency (BCDA). We invite the public to get involved in the campaign today. Help us in this campaign so that Jakusko children will have access to a conducive learning environment through the construction of more classrooms in the school and providing them with access to water.

Join us on http://www.ifollowthemoney.org.