The information gotten by the Follow The Money team during its data mining showed that the total sum of NGN 38,288,052.00 million (USD 125,185.71 est) was appropriated for the construction and rehabilitation of facilities in Nisama primary school, Nisama at Jema’a’a of Kaduna State. The project is financed through the  UBEC/SUBEB 2014 annual intervention and the project contractor is Mantankadi Global Ventures Limited. Presently the school has a total number of 422 pupils, to our amazement all they have is two tiny toilets shared by the pupils and teachers.

We are starting the #EducateNisama campaign to help track the implementation of the construction of facilities and rehabilitation of existing ones. Thus, all relevant stakeholders should take up this call to ensure the funds are judiciously managed. This is also a call to everyone to support the project to ensure it becomes successful.

Join the call today via for transparency and accountability to be ascertained.