The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) in its March 2017 Tender Advertisement (find here) included the Construction of Block of Classrooms at Ogbomoide Primary School, which is located along Osunbor Road, Iruekpen. The community is in Esan West Local Government Area of Edo State. The school has a total number of 616 pupils (male and female) currently enrolled in it. Like every other conventional primary school, Ogbomoide Primary School has Kindergarten 1 – 3 (A and B) and Primary 1 – 6 (A and B) classes but due to insufficient classrooms these classes are merged.

We have initiated #EducateOgbomoide in other to track the Construction of additional classrooms at the Primary School in Ogbomoide. We invite the public to join in the campaign today as we foray into Imo  State to #EducateOgbomoide Primary School in order to ensure that children in the community are able to have access to conducive and suitable classrooms with improved facilities which will aid learning.

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Prospective Students was Rejected Due to Moribund Educational Facilities

14/07/2017: The FTM team arrived Ogbomoide for a community outreach to Ogbomoide Primary School.  The Headmaster, Mr. Jacob Okhuelegbe in his speech stated that the school had to reject some prospective pupils due to the insufficient infrastructure to cater for the educational needs of the existing pupils.

The School currently has 4 blocks of classrooms with three classes per block out of which 2 blocks are completely moribund and out of use. Full Report here.

Community Head Confirms he is Not Aware of the Project 

14 July 2017: The Odionwere (head of the community), revealed that they have never heard of the tender or seen any contractor. The tender was made available to them with a highlight on the concerned project.

They are happy and expectant as Odionwere (Andrew Umatta) said in the local dialect that these are the kind of projects they need and its execution is necessary to enable the school properly manage both existing and new pupils.

Assistant Headmistress says School Requires More Than Blocks of Classrooms

Ogbomoide Pupils Sitting on the Floor

14 July 2017: The Assistant headmistress (Mrs. Dim A. O) emphasized the need for new blocks of classrooms as one of the school buildings have been completely evacuated due to extreme dilapidation. On a tour of the school, it was noted that pupils require more than just blocks of classrooms as they lack chairs and tables in the functional 2 blocks of classrooms left. We also noticed that dilapidation was not only in classrooms but also in the toilet facilities which are as old as the school itself.

Community member promise to synergize with Follow the Money in Actualizing the Project


Follow the Money Team During the Community Outreach

14 July 2017: Some of the teachers (Mrs. Ogbekhilo E.O and Mr. Odia Joseph) also spoke to the followthemoney community reporter on the need for a swift intervention and said in their words “If more organizations like Connected Development exist nobody would loot Government funds ”. The School Authority and the Community are open for a synergy with CODE and all stakeholders concerned to ensure the actualization of the project.

No Response to Freedom of Information Request from NDDC

17 July 2017: The FTM team sent out an FOI to the Headquarters of NDDC in Portharcourt on the construction of a block of classrooms at Ogbomoide Primary School, seeking details on the contracts. We are yet to receive a response from the commission as regards the freedom of information letter we sent.