The image above showcases the deplorable state of Mgbele PHC in Oguta LGA of Imo State. The rural community has a population of 1500 who all depend on the health centre which has been in a total state of despair. There are no beds, medical equipment, vaccines and equipped wards. It is more like a desolate hall! At the centre, there are also no fencing, landscaping or presence of a generator or a generating set house.

In addition, the health centre is not electrically wired, with health centre personnel comprising of two nurses who now attend to the community members/patients at the community’s junction outside the health facility.

We have initiated the #BuildMgbele in order to track the construction of perimeter fencing, landscaping and provision of a generating set at the PHC by the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

The contract for this construction and provision at the PHC was advertised by the aforementioned agency here. We invite the public to join in the campaign today as we foray into Imo State to #BuildMgbele  PHC in order to ensure that ordinary women and children, as well as every community member, get the services that are required in a qualitative manner at the PHC Level. Help us in this campaign so the rural community members of Mgbele would have access to robust PHC system which  is important in achieving universal health coverage.

Join us in this campaign through