Gengle, a rural community with an estimate of 2000 population, is located in Mayo Belwa Local Government of Adamawa State. The community has primary and secondary school facilities which are in total collapsed state. For the former, there are no desks for an estimate of 150 pupils, the headmaster stays in a hut and the facility is all entirely dilapidated. The latter with a population of 400 students also suffer the same sad fate.

We have initiated the #EducateGengle campaign advocating for instantaneous governmental intervention in the two school facilities. We invite the public to get involved in the campaign today. Help us in this campaign so that Gengle children will have access to a conducive learning environment through the rehabilitation of the school. Join us through

Join us through

Examination Officers Decry the Lack of Facilities in The School

3 May 2017: According to the Exam Officer of the secondary school, Mr. Peter Istifanus who was also interviewed over what they need to have in the primary and junior secondary schools to have it functioning, he stated, “We need more additional classrooms, at least 6 blocks of classrooms to accommodate this pupils and students. In addition, most of these blocks of classrooms need to be renovated, because when it is raining season we have no choice but to send these students back to their parents. We buy chalks with our own money, no desk, no benches.”

Students Sits on Windows to Write Examination

3 May 2017: the Exam Officer also commented, “At the junior secondary school section, some of the students that are writing junior WAEC now sit on the windows because we have no desks for them. We need school facilities, like books, benches and staff offices.”

Community Head Laments Neglect by Government 

3 May 2017: The Follow The Money Cluster in Adamawa State conducted a community outreach at Gengle. In an interview with the village head, Mal. Usman Mohammad during the outreach, he said, “This our community is left behind by the government. This you will observe when you go around and see how other people live their lives. This school you are talking about, during our time it’s the only school in this area that was rated the best. The former PDP chairman Adamawa State, Alhaji Mijinyawa Kugama also attended this school. This is the school most of the leaders we have in Adamawa State attended, but look at it now. I don’t know what to say but to thank you, people, for remembering us here.” Find the full report here.