The Follow the Money Team kickstarted the tracking of $100m world bank grant which was provided under the Nigeria Partnership for Education Project for the provision of support for the education of children, especially those at the rural areas to have access to qualitative education.

Furthermore, it was announced that $21m was committed to the project in Kaduna state by the world bank. In this regard, the Follow The Money Team will be focusing on $21m in Kaduna state to improve Badarawa in Kaduna North Local Government.

The school is a part of the 5 listed schools which need urgent intervention, as the Badarawa 1 Primary school have a total population of 1924 students studying in 19 classrooms with 98 teachers and 2 toilets. The student per class ratio is 101:1 which is a not a good condition for children to learn from.

World Bank Grants for Girl Child Education is not to be mainly used to promote girl child education

The Headmaster of the school explains that #400,000 was gotten from the government of which #200,000 was used for early child care development (ECCD) and the remaining #200,000 was meant for primary through the school base management committee. He showed our community champion the receipts and documents of the work done within the school as he said they painted the ECCD with pictures, bought chalk and also bought mat since the chair is not enough for them. “We spent more than #200,000 on the ECCD project,” says the Headmaster. 

ECCD Painting

Also, he claimed the #200,000 which was meant for the primary session was used for changing of roofs and windows that were bad within the school. At the end, he said the girls are doing well with a good number of them enrolled. 

Coloured chalks bought with ECCD money

Headmaster of Badarawa LEA Primary School stressed the need for funding for capital projects in the school

Badarawa School Headmaster

“We were told the fund was for minor project but more is required,we need more of capital projects because our school is in a very bad state, when the raining season comes, we cannot make use of some of our classes, we will have to merge the students, which is not conducive at all” said the Headmaster.

Resident of Badarawa explains why government must seek community opinion before budgeting for the community

Mal Salmanu Bawa, the PTA chairman and a community resident, talked about their struggles to ensure the pupils are okay even with the old and dilapidated classes. He said it is very important for government to seek the consent of the community and the school to inquire what is necessary and most needed before they embark on any project within that community and it is also advisable to seek the opinion of the community head and school head before contacting anyone or organisation to the school for repair. This is because they are the ones in the community and schools, they know what matters the most.

World Bank Grants were to be used for the improvement of the school in general and not for Girl Child Education alone

The Early child care development (ECCD) is new according to the deputy director school services. He said  #200,000 was the exact amount given to each primary school (beneficiaries) while #400,000 was given to primary schools with ECCD which is more like a nursery school. The deputy director gave us this information as word of the mouth to our previously sent FOIA.